Get ready for the UFC 85 Betting Odds at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

The main event, set to take place in London on June 7th should be as action packed as promised and could be one of the top UFC odds events of the year.

Although there has already been several cancellations and pull outs due to injuries the line for the UFC 85 betting odds event should still be a stunner.
UFC 85 betting will be headlines by American Matt Hughes who will take on a very dangerous UFC odds opponent in the UFC 85 betting odds for the welterweight title.

Although is the main even there are still plenty of other top match ups and plenty of chances to beat the UFC betting odds. Also on the main card in the heavy weight division will feature Fabricio Werdum and Brandon Sera.

Werdum is coming off a big win in the UFC 80 event and will be looking to cement his status as a top contender at the UFC 85 betting odds event. But he’ll have to get past American Vera who has shown he’s capable of rising to occasion, but is coming off a very disappoint loss in October. In fact, if Vera loses again in the UFC 85 betting odds he could have some very interesting career decisions to make. Werdum has proven he has the talent to beat anyone in the UFC odds, but has failed to string together the consistency he needs to be a great champion -the UFC 85 betting odds could be just the place to prove himself.

In another compelling match up, British fighter Michael Bisping will take on contender Jason Day in one of the most anticipated bouts in the UFC 85 betting odds. Fighting in front of his countrymen there is no doubt that will be favored in the UFC 85 betting odds. But regardless of location Bisping is the better fighter, which his impressive 15-1 record that he brings to the UFC 85 betting odds proves. However, the middleweight fighter lacks any big name wins and Day will be looking at the UFC 85 betting odds as his chance to make a statement.

While these are just a few of the fights listed in the UFC 85 betting odds, the truth is that the entire lineup is full of great UFC odds.