Franklin vs. Lutter in UFC 83 Betting at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC 83 betting will be one of the biggest UFC betting events of the year.

Aside from the big time headliner event between Serra and St. Pierre, the under card for the UFC 83 betting is also full of great match ups. And perhaps not match among the UFC 83 betting bouts will be bigger than the Rich Franklin vs. Travis Lutter fight.

UFC 83 betting fans will have their pick of top notch fights to choose from but this should be one bout that no UFC betting fan should miss out on. Any UFC 83 betting fan who knows anything about the UFC knows that Franklin is one of the top fighters in the world and perhaps even the best fighter featured in the UFC 83 betting. The former middle weight champ has beaten some huge names in the sport like Ken Shamrock, Even Tanner and Jorge Rivera and brings a stellar record of 22-3 to his UFC 83 betting match.

The only reason he doesn’t hold the belt going into the UFC 83 betting is a man named Anderson Silva who most UFC betting fans know as arguably the greatest UFC fighter in the world. But a successful bout at the UFC 83 betting event would likely get Franklin very close to a rematch with the Brazilian for the UFC betting title.

But first he’ll have to get through his UFC 83 betting opponent Travis Lutter. Nicknamed the ‘serial killer’ Lutter is a UFC fighter on the rise looking to make a name for himself at the UFC 83 betting. With a record of 12-4 in mixed martial arts this Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt is a submission specialist who will be looking to choke out Franklin when the UFC 83 betting rolls around.
But it appears unlikely and Franklin should win this middle weight UFC 83 betting match up without much difficulty. Both men have recent losses to Silva on their records, but who in UFC doesn’t these days? With both men choke out artists UFC 83 betting fans should expect this match to be a long one as neither fighter is accustomed to going on the offensive and both are extremely patient fighters. If the UFC 83 betting bout does get offensive expect Franklin, the more mobile fighter to impose his will. Either way, a long or short match, Franklin seems the better combatant in this UFC 83 betting match up.