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December 2nd, 2010 UFC

UFC 91 betting includes a bout on the main card between Kenny Florian and Joe Stevenson.

Gamblers that bet on UFC 91 will notice that Florian is about a 2-1 favorite over Stevenson. UFC 91 betting includes 10 bouts on November 15th from the MGM in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Let’s take more of a look at the Florian vs. Stevenson bout in UFC 91 betting.

UFC 91 betting statistics show that Florian is 8-2 in the UFC and one of the top contenders in the lightweight division. The winner of this UFC 91 betting bout is expected to get a title shot. "The opportunity to fight great fighters — tough fighters — one after another is going to benefit me a lot when it does come down for the second shot at a title," Florian said. "I fought Sean Sherk (in my first bid for the lightweight title) after just a few UFC fights. I’m a completely different fighter, and it’s going to be a completely different experience a second time around.”  Florian has won fight straight fights and 8 of his previous 9.  He is the favorite against Stevenson in UFC 91 betting but the fight may not be easy.  Florian is confident before UFC 91 betting though. "I just want to beat [Stevenson] at everything," Florian said. "Whatever range, whatever situation we find ourselves in, I want to be the guy with the upper hand and doing the damage. That’s what I plan on doing. I just want — from start to finish — beat him down at everything."

Gamblers that bet on UFC 91 respect Florian’s record and his talent and that is one of the reasons he is favored in UFC 91 betting.  While much of the attention in UFC 91 betting will be on the fight between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar, gamblers that bet on UFC 91 are not forgetting the bout between Florian and Stevenson.

UFC 91 betting on Saturday, November 15th should be exciting and the fight between Florian and Stevenson should be on reason why.  Take a look at the UFC 91 betting odds and get ready to bet on UFC 91.

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