Florian takes the UFC Fight Night Betting victory

December 2, 2010 UFC

The recent UFC Fight Night betting event was a big night for lightweight Kenny Florian and it just might have been a career saver.

There were plenty of questions surrounding Florian in the run up to this UFC Fight Night odds event but with a third round submission victory against Takaniro Gomi, Florian seemed to answer MMA betting critics and seemed to improve his chances at getting another shot at a UFC betting title.

The UFC Fight Night betting competitions tend to be step below the normal UFC betting events but nonetheless there are no pushovers in this MMA wagering competition and Florian had to work to get Gomi to tap out.  Hailing from Japan, Gomi is a well known fighter in Bushido betting competitions but this was his debut in America and in the UFC Fight Night odds. 

It was an great matchup for UFC Fight Night betting fans to watch and although the result wasn’t all that surprising the result of this MMA betting bout has to be doubly sweet for Florian.  One of the most recognizable names in the UFC lightweight betting class Florian has come close to hoisting the UFC betting title on two occasions but ultimately fell short.  He may not get another chance at the title but his win in the recent UFC Fight Night odds surely puts his name back in the conversation.

His sports betting win was impressive and the forced submission 2:52 minutes into the UFC Fight Night betting event was stellar.  His near naked choke on Gomi was actually voted the Submission of the Night and Florian picked up an extra $30,000 for that UFC wagering distinction.  While Gomi may never fight in a UFC Fight Night betting event again –or any other UFC wagering event for that matter- Florian will no doubt use this win to advance his title hopes and win a spot in the next big UFC Main Event betting competition.