Disheartening News For MMA Betting Fans Ahead of UFC 206

October 1st, 2019 UFC

One of the worst things about being an online UFC betting fan is having to contend with the emotional rollercoaster that is getting pumped about an upcoming fight only to have one of the fighters back out at the last second. That is the situation currently facing UFC sportsbook fans who were getting excited about the upcoming fight card at UFC 206.

UFC 206 marked the first major event since the historic McGregor vs. Alvarez in which the Irishman became the first fighter to wield two belts within the UFC, and it’s safe to say that 206 had some big shoes to fill. The UFC was looking to accomplish that task by scheduling a match between two of the hardest hitting fighters in the UFC; Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson.

Daniel Cormier is the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Cormier earned the vacant title when he beat Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 (the title had been stripped from Jon Jones because of his involvement with a hit and run). The battle was titanic but in the end Cormier would win via a rear-naked choke. Since then, both Cormier and Johnson have been MMA betting favorite in all their fights and have yet to disappoint.

Naturally, since Johnson has been beating every opponent he faces, ‘Rumble’ has unquestionably earned a shot at the title. Their anticipated rematch was scheduled for 206 and the entire online UFC betting community was buzzing with excitement at the chance of watching these two dynamic warriors go at it. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

Fresh off the wire is the latest announcement that Daniel Cormier is pulling out of UFC 206. On Friday, November 25th, the media reported that Daniel Cormier had suffered an undisclosed injury that will likely require surgery. Reportedly, the surgery would keep the champion out of the cage for at least four to six weeks. was the news outlet that originally broke the news Friday afternoon. The UFC has yet to comment on Cormier’s injury and it is unknown whether or not Johnson will remain on the card or if he will get pulled off of it all together. Johnson, acting with characteristic sportsmanship, did not shy away from the situation and took to social media to send his regards to the Light Heavyweight champion.

“I wish nothing but the best for DC and I hope you have a full recovery champ…” Johnson posted on Twitter to which Johnson responded; “I left a message for you on ur [sic] phone. I apologize. We Will get to rock and roll bruh. Once again my apologies. DC”

While it may not be unheard of for a fighter to pull out at the last second to avoid a fight he’s uncomfortable with, it’s hard to imagine someone with the amount of class and respect that Cormier displays having that thought process. Online UFC betting fans may be disappointed about the news, but rest assured there will be plenty of eye-catching bouts in the future to make up for this mishap.

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