UFC 83 Betting: Bisping vs. McCarthy at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 2, 2010 UFC

With Bisping’s kick boxing skills on display is should be a nice bit of variety for UFC betting fans that will be fed a steady diet of choke holds.

UFC 83 betting will be well worth the wait. But with so many of the top fights featuring submission specialists the Michael Bisping and Charles McCarthy under card bout for the UFC 83 betting event promises to be something special.

UFC 83 betting organizers fielded a top card for the UFC betting, of that there is no doubt, but for whatever reason it seems to be a bit heavy on submission and in particular Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialists. Bisping by contrast has a very mixed martial arts past but lists kickboxing as his main discipline in the UFC 83 betting literature and any UFC 83 betting fan that’s seen him fight would agree.

Bisping is coming off a very disappointing loss by decision in his previous UFC betting match that likely set his quest for a middle weight title shot back a bit. In 2006 he was poised for UFC betting greatness when he won the Ultimate Fighter 3 light heavyweight contest and won his next three matches in convincing fashion. He’ll need another big win at UFC 83 betting to get his title quest back on track. In his past fights he’s shown that he’s equally adept at both submission and punching/kicking and UFC 83 betting fans will no doubt be looking for an exciting knockout.

McCarthy will looking to stop Bisping’s run during the UFC 83 betting but will likely find little success. McCarthy has lost two of his last four matches, one by TKO. He has proven susceptible to kicks and that should play into the hands of Bisping when the two square off in the UFC 83 betting. With a 10-4 record in mixed martial arts McCarthy will hardly be the main name at the UFC 83 betting, however, it will be a great opportunity for him to try and boost his career. He’s won all his UFC betting matches with a mix of submission moves and will have to use some of that resourcefulness if wants to be successful in the UFC 83 betting.

But at the end of the day Bisping is too much of a fighter for McCarthy and UFC 83 betting success looks all but inevitable for the Brit.