Bankrolls for UFC Betting

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

UFC betting gives you a lot of different choices each month. There are more and more UFC events for you to choose from as you bet on UFC action.

In addition to the marquee events you also have Fight Nights and other specials where you will see UFC betting odds. With so many choices you must be able to manage your bankroll in UFC betting.

UFC betting is just like other forms of sports betting. You must manage your money to be successful.  Most of the time in sports betting you will hear people talk about keeping your wagers in the range of 2-5%. That is a good rule of thumb for UFC betting as well.  Let’s say that you have a bankroll of $1000.  You would only want to risk between $20 and $50 per bout as you bet on UFC.  That might sound low but with so many UFC betting events, you want to protect yourself from a bad run. It is called money management and it is very important in UFC betting.

You may find in UFC betting that you prefer some fights over others and want to wager different amounts.  That is fine but you still must remain in control. You might have a one unit and a two unit play.  You really don’t want to go beyond that since you would be risking too much of your UFC betting bankroll on a single fight.  As history has shown in UFC betting, anything can happen.

Also keep in mind as you bet on UFC that you don’t want to chase losses. This is just like other sports where a losing streak can send you on tilt. Keep to your money management plan as you bet on UFC action and don’t go on tilt. You can’t afford to blow everything in one night and miss out on the next UFC betting action.

When you start looking at UFC odds remember to set aside a bankroll and set out of plan of how much each of your wagers will be for.  Set a percentage for each of your UFC wagers and stick to that. Money management will keep you from risking everything on a single fight.  The percentages listed above are a good starting guide you can use for wagering on UFC fights.  Keep to those numbers and you will have a better chance of keeping your bankroll under control.

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