Looking for break through in tennis odds in Paris at SBG Global

May 18th, 2020 Tennis

Tennis odds action is fast and furious and that is especially true at the French Open.

When it comes to top flight tennis betting odds and top flight players the French Open is the place to be. But one top flight player who always has troubles in the tennis odds action at Roland Garros is Andy Roddick.

Tennis odds experts have a thousand reasons as to why the American never performs well, but none are that satisfactory to any tennis betting odds fan that has lost money on the Yank. For anyone that knows that tennis odds action, the first thing that comes to mind when Roddick is mentioned is his rocket serve. There is no denying that when it comes to serving up aces, you would be hard pressed to find a more impressive player in the tennis odds action than Roddick. But as skilled as he with his flame thrower serves it has failed to yield a tennis betting odds Grand Slam title for the past four years.

Admittedly clay is not the most preferred surface of flame throwing servers like Roddick, but that is the surface for the tennis odds action at the French Open and Roddick must adjust his game accordingly. The thing about clay for big servers is that it’s a double edge sword when it comes to tennis odds action. Most serves get big, high bounces which can make them difficult to handle. Also, tennis odds experts point out that blemishes in the clay surface can also offer quirky bounces, much to the advantage of the tennis odds server.

But more times than not the slow surface speed of the clay seems to work against the server and big servers tend not to do all that well in the tennis odds French Open action. After his abysmal performance in the tennis odds action in Paris last year, Roddick can only improve this year. With a great start to the 2008 season he’s already won two out of the five tournaments this season including a tennis odds win in Dubai where he beat world number one Roger Federer. And with a record of 18-3 he’s one of the hottest players on the tennis odds tour right now.

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