Looking at Tennis Odds

Tennis Odds at SBG Global will oftentimes have certain players favored more often than others.

On the men’s side Roger Federer has dominated the sport of tennis for quite a while. The women’s side is more open although the top four or five players still routinely dominate tennis betting odds.

Tennis odds can be interesting to bet and to follow. Knowing the players is important when considering tennis odds. The problem for many people when looking at tennis odds is that just knowing the top few players is not enough.

Top players are well known, and offer little value in tennis betting odds.
Sometimes the lesser-known players offer more value in terms of tennis odds. What you need to do is study some of the players outside of the top few so that you can spot value on the tennis odds board. Look at the tennis rankings and look at more players than just the top ten. Another handicapping factor to consider as you look at tennis odds is the surface. There are four different playing surfaces for you to consider as you bet tennis odds. You have hard, clay and grass. Some players are great on one surface, but struggle on the other surfaces. This has been the case in recent seasons where a player like Rafael Nadal is great on clay and just average on other surfaces. This is an important factor in tennis odds.

Each player has certain strengths and those strengths may be affected by the surface. When you are looking at the tennis odds board you must understand that the surface can affect a player. You also want to look at other factors as you consider tennis odds. You want to look at a player’s recent performance. See how they have been performing in recent months. Also consider their rankings in the world. You also want to consider injuries in tennis. There will be times when a player is nursing an injury and still plays. These players are usually not good bets in terms of tennis betting odds.

Take a look at some of these factors as you consider tennis betting odds this year. You want to remember to look at other players beyond the top few, the different surfaces, injuries, and recent performance. These are all factors to consider before you make your next tennis wager.