Why the Panthers Will Win Super Bowl 50

November 14th, 2019 NFL Football, Sportsbook

Yes football fans if you Bet on NFL at the SBG sportsbook, the 2016 NFL Super Bowl 50 has arrived, and this Sunday the 7th of February 2016 with the Carolina Panthers playing the Broncos of Denver with the game being played at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California and with kick-off scheduled for 5:30 PM ET and seen on CBS TV.

The early odds have the Panthers the favorites at -5 ½ with the Over/under at 44 ½ and -230 on the Money Line, while the listed underdog Broncos of Denver are at +5 ½ and +190 on the ML.

But let’s get to the point of this preview as it presents some reasons why the favorite Panthers can win this Super Bowl 50. They’re the best team because their record of 15-1 in the Regular Season and 17-1 in the overall season makes them the best, and there is no question they are a very talented team.

Yes, most experts claim they have an incredible good offense, and many overlook their defense that has to be underrated or they would have never made it to this Super Bowl 50. Most however realize that their defense may not be quite as good as that of the Broncos, but remember their defense against the pass is rated No.1 in the NFL this past season.

So let’s continue with some of the reasons the Carolina Panthers can win Super Bowl 50 this Sunday.

For 1 they have QB C. Newton who is some 13 years younger than the Broncos QB P. Manning, and he is heavily a fan favorite primarily because the fans likes the fact every time the team scores a TD he gives the football to a kid in the stadium. So off and on the field he definitely has the fans in his corner.

But now let’s take a look at comparison between these two quarterbacks and why it’s believed QB Newton will overtake the Broncos and QB P. Manning. To start with Newton in this 2015-16 Season committed only 10 interceptions while he passed for some 35 touchdowns. Then he also rushed for some 637 yards and 10 touchdowns this last season. And the fans as well as his team members would be shocked if QB Newton does not win this MVP award for the NFL this season. Fans know him as the leader of the team and the player to take them to another victory which he did for some 17 times in the 2015-16 NFL seasons.

Another reason is because of their secondary and outstanding QB J. Norman as he and his teammates in the secondary were the leaders in the NFL for fumble recoveries and interceptions as the accumulated for the season some 15 fumble recoveries and 24 interceptions for the season. What’s interesting is that the Bronco committed some 24 interceptions this season some 7 were committed by Broncos back-up QB B. Osweiler during his tenure at QB, while the balance of 17 are credited to QB P. Manning.

Next is the Panthers ability to run the ball with a backfield roster that is powerful rushing with the ball, and remember early we gave the statistics for QB Newton rushing, and complementing him in the backfield are HB J. Stewart and FB M. Tolbert, with Stewart leading the NFL with touchdowns and rushing yards this past season, as he finished this past season with some 988 yards rushing which ranked him 8th in the NFL and for the season had 135 more yards than the Broncos RB Hillman who had 853 total yard rushing. In the rushing game for both teams the Panthers overcome the Broncos who per game averaged 50 yards or fewer rushing per game than did the Panthers.

Then there is the comparison between the Panthers 24 year old LB L. Kuechly and the Broncos 26 year old OLB V. Miller. The experts say that they must give respect where respect is warranted, as V. Miller of the Broncos without question is one of the best in the NFL, while the Panthers Kuechly this past season proved he is among the best at the LB spot.

During the season he had 18 tackles and that ranked him 13th in the NFL, and better in that category than any of the Denver players. During the season he forced 2 fumbles, 1 of which he recovered and scored a TD in that game, while for the season he also made some 4 interceptions. Thus, LB Kuechly will be 1 reason the Panthers are likely this Sunday to win this Super Bowl 50 Title.

Finally we have to talk about the odds and/or against the spread at which presently at SBG the Panthers are favored at -5 ½. Remember the Panthers this past season against the spread were 12 and 6. The Panthers are a team that when the going gets tough, they get going, as they did in the NFC title game against the Cardinals of Arizona who they destroyed 49-15 for the Title in that game. Then the week before that they lead the Seahawks at half time 31-0 and their defense held on to win the game 31-24.

So it’s said by sports betting experts, that the Panthers with a -5 ½ point spread on the board will not be bothered by that and they will go on to win this Super Bowl 50.

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