Top Four NFL Picks for Week 10

February 24th, 2020 Sportsbook

The regular season is reaching the most exciting times and NFL football betting is as exciting as ever. For this week, the phrase “playoff implications” is starting to be tossed around, and it is now that time where those teams serious about making it to the post season need to step up and claim their spot.

The first matchup that you should be on the look out is the Miami Dolphins versus the Detroit Lions. The Dolphins are coming into this game as the underdogs, but they have been showing a good defense and a solid pass rush. The Lions might be coming from a bye and be healthier, but the Dolphins are not to be taken lightly this week.

There have been several outlets and NFL football betting experts predicting that the San Francisco 49ers will upset the New Orleans Saints. But considering that the Saints are at home, they will definitely have their hands full with the Niners tough physical play. It will be a very close game for the Saints though, so you could go ahead and bet the under.

The Buffalo Bills versus the Kansas City Chiefs, now we are going to go with the underdog Bills on this match up. The main reason is because The Bills are coming in rested, focused and their defense is more likely to display a better performance that the Chiefs offense. It is very plausible that the Bills have enough talent on their roster to pull the upset from the Chiefs.

Finally playing on this Thursday, the Cleveland Browns travel to Cincinnati to face the Bengals. The are talks about the Browns going in to upset the Bengals, but for us and most experts in NFL football betting it is highly unlikely. As a matter of fact, avoid the temptation of picking the underdog in this matchup, go ahead and bet the over.

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