Offshore Betting: Bengals vs. Ravens

November 15th, 2013 Offshore Betting

Home advantage may do the Baltimore Ravens little good when they receive the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday 10th (whatever superiority the felt they were entitled to as Super Bowl champions got lost somewhere along the way to a 3-5 record). However, the Bengals are only 1.5 offshore betting favorites after an overtime loss against the Miami Dolphins. The bottom line is then that both teams are in desperate need of a victory, perhaps the Ravens more so than Cincy, though the odds are looking better for the latter than for the former. On the other hand, even though Baltimore has lost three in a row, that defeat at Miami may have just about killed that 4-consecutive game momentum the Bengals had going on.
Arguably the worst part of that hard-fought loss is that the Bengals have lost Geno Atkins for the rest of the season due to a torn ACL. At the tender age of 25, Atkins is widely considered one of the best defensive tackles in the league today. To make matters worse, this is only the most recent in a series of Cincinnati’s defensive casualties, preceded by the losses of Leon Hall and Taylor Mays. That is not good news for quarterback Andy Dalton who was sacked in the decisive play that gave the Dolphins the victory. The Bengals are looking at free agents right now to patch up what was until now a solid defense, and that’s something offshore betting gamblers should certainly keep in mind.
One of the names being tossed around is that of Richard Seymour, a 34 year old veteran with an alleged asking price of $5 million for a handful of games, which brings us to the subject of the Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco, and whether or not he is a one hit wonder. Perhaps his contribution to last season’s Super Bowl-winning campaign was somehow overrated? So far Flacco hasn’t either been living up to his new contract, or justifying the sacrifice of eight former starting team mates. However, we’re only half-way through the season and Flacco and the Ravens may still meet and even surpass offshore betting expectations. Facing a wounded Bengals team might prove to be a double-edged sword, though. 

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