Top 3 Week 11 NFL Football Betting Picks

San Diego Chargers player running with footballIt is time once again to make our NFL football picks, for week 11 in the 2014 season. This week will see some very interesting matchups that could result into some big winnings for our players. Today we will highlight some of those games, and give you our exclusive picks.

The first game is the abysmally bad Oakland Raiders versus the San Diego Chargers, now considering what the Denver Broncos and Peyton manning did to them last week, we really don’t think the Raiders are coming back to record their first win against the Chargers. Sand Diego is coming from a bye and if Phillip Rivers is healthy you best believe that he will bring in high numbers against a poor Oakland defense. Expect a blowout, and pick the over on this game.

Next on our NFL football picks are the San Francisco 49ers versus the New York Giants. First of all, the Giants are not playing well this season, their offense is not working for them and their defense is just all over the place. However expect this game to be close, this will not be a blowout. The 49ers will win this game but the travelling is definitely tiresome as their schedule is not the most benevolent to them so far. This game will go on the under.

Finally the game that will have the most eyes on them, Indianapolis Colts versus the New England Patriots. This is the game that most fans seeking NFL football picks are waiting for. This game will be a close one, definitely. This game could very well go either way, however we do believe that the Colts could edge it out on the late stages of the game and pull the win by the smallest margin. If anything, bet the under on this game.