Offshore Sportbook: Chargers vs. Jaguars

If there is one thing that the Jacksonville Jaguars have that the San Diego Chargers don’t, it’s consistency. While San Diego is 3-3 this season, the Jaguars can be trusted to lose every single game. You never know which San Diego is going to run out into the gridiron, but with Jacksonville there’s no wondering. That’s pretty bad news for the Jags, but not necessarily so for offshore sportbook bettors. Although they were soundly defeated, the Jaguars still managed to cover a massive spread versus the Denver Broncos. With that precedent, you just might comfortably put money on the underdog. 
 This Sunday 20th the spread is a comparatively conservative 7.5 favoring the Chargers. In good theory, San Diego should have no problem stringing together their first two victories in a row for this 2013 season. Then again, the Chargers mustn’t lose sight of the fact that even though the Jaguars are coming off a loss, it was still their best game so far, and it was against the almighty Denver Broncos no less. Could that translate into their first win of the year against a patchy San Diego Chargers team? Let’s not forget the game will take place at EverBank Field, though that has made little difference so far, both on the field and in offshore sportbook betting.
Another thing that is worth mentioning is that this Sunday will mark the return of cornerback Derek Cox to Jacksonville. Many Jaguar fans, and a few offshore sportbook gamblers, were a little more than upset when Cox became a free agent, but it now seems as if it was a strategy by the Jag management to hurt the Chargers especially for this single game. That, of course, is nonsensical. What is a fact is that Cox is currently the Chargers worst graded full-time corner, and hasn’t yet justified his $20, four-year deal with San Diego. Wouldn’t it be funny if he chose to start giving the Chargers their money’s worth precisely against the Jaguars, though? Ironically, Jacksonville’s secondary is the best thing the team has got going on right now, and Will Blackmon, Alan Ball, Dwayne Gratz, and Denetruis McCray haven’t missed Cox at all.