Cavaliers at Clippers Betting Preview for Sunday

November 11th, 2019 NBA Basketball, Sportsbook

Cavaliers at Clippers Betting Preview for Sunday is here! As the 2015-16 NBA Regular season winds down in the second half and many teams are seeking playoff spots, this Sunday the 13th of March 2016 we have an interesting match-up between the No. 1 Eastern Conference Cleveland Cavaliers 46-18 playing at the No. 4 Western Conference Los Angeles Clippers 42-22 with the game being played at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California with the tip-off scheduled for 3:35 PM ET and seen on ABC TV.

For those that Bet on NBA the Vegas odds have the Cavaliers favorites at -2 with the Over/under at 208 ½ and -130 on the Money Line, while the Clippers are listed as the underdogs at +2 and +110 on the Money Line. So today fans of the NBA can get ready to watch some 5 games today starting at 3:35 and going through 9:10 PM ET tonight, and the day starts with their Cavaliers at the Clippers.

The Cavaliers appear to be performing at their top level for this season, and meanwhile the Clippers are trying to get their form back together after a week of mixed results in their league games. Fans are wondering if the Cavaliers will continue winning or will their South California rivals playing at home upset the Cavaliers.

For the fans of the 46-18 Cleveland Cavaliers in a strange came this past Thursday your team beat 120-108 the Lakers of Los Angeles, in what was the last game between these 2 teams this season, featuring 2 great stars in James of the Cav’s and Bryant of the Lakers.

They both played great with Bryant scoring 26 points, while James scored 24 points and had 5 rebounds and 7 assists in their win over the Lakers. That win is their 2nd consecutive win in their 4 game road trip on the West Coast of the USA.

Actually for the Cavaliers their leading scorer in that game was K. Irving who scored 26 points and 9 assists in the game, while in his ultimate 4 games he has averaged nearly 26 points each game. But let’s not forget that in that game there were 6 Cavaliers players who scored in double-digits to give Cleveland the win.

The Cavaliers have displayed their talent lately as they in their ultimate 5 games they have won 4 of them. Also, in their last 5 games with these Clippers they have won 4 of those games.

Fans are expecting James as well as Irving to have a great game today, since in their earlier game this year with the Clippers, James scored some 22 points and Irving scored 21 points in that same game.

If you are one to bet on the 42-22 Los Angeles Clippers, your team struggled this past Friday, but finally beat the Knicks of New York 101-94. Your team had a double-digit lead in the game that they blew, but came back to prevail and win another crucial game.

In today’s game with the Cavaliers, the Clippers defense will need to step up their play and provide some momentum that is positive, since they are heading into a road trip of 5 games after this home game with the powerful Cavaliers. In their road trip they will face Spurs of San Antonio, Rockets of Houston, and the Grizzlies of Memphis and the Warriors of Golden State.

We mentioned previously that the Clippers in their last game at home against the Cavaliers struggled in their loss. Their only salvation in that game was C. Paul who scored 30 points accompanied by 9 assists in the game, and fortunately for the Clippers in tonight’s game Paul has continued his performances as also in their last game against the Knicks he had 15 assists and scored some 24 points in their win over New York!

Paul known to the fans as CP3, in his ultimate 7 games he has averaged 51.8 percent completion from the floor and 23.5 points each game for the 7 games. Their problem is that he needs support from the other team members if they are to overcome the Cavaliers, especially since their other star B. Griffin in not in the lineup!

The will also will be looking for another top performance form D. Jordan who against the Knicks has 20 rebound and score a mere 10 points, and in their last game with the Cavaliers he had 14 boards and scored 10 points. So in this game he needs to crazy on the boards and give CP3 more scoring opportunities.

The prediction from the online sportsbook for this game with the Eastern Cavaliers facing at home the Western Clippers, the fans will see their Clippers get revenge from their last home loss to Cleveland with a 107-100 victory tonight.

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