Brief Preview of the MLB Betting Opening Day

November 8th, 2019 MLB Baseball, Sportsbook

Brief Preview of the MLB Betting Opening Day. With the 2016 Major League Baseball Regular Season starting this Sunday April 3rd, we shall take a look at the games scheduled for the 2016 Opening Day of the MLB Season.

Fans that Bet on MLB betting at SBG sportsbook, should know that the total schedule for 2016 has some 162 games and this opening day is a special day for them.  The 1st pitch of the season is thrown and summer has its unofficial beginning.

The 2016 opening day games total three, and each game should be a great experience for fans. Of the 6 teams playing on opening day the Rays of Tampa Bay is the only team that in 2015 did not make the postseason play. But all of the teams are seeking success in this 2016 season.

The 1st of the 3 opening day games begins at with the 1:05 PM ET with the Cardinals of St. Louis playing the Pirates of Pittsburgh and seen on ESPN. The 2nd game at 4:05 PM we have the Blue Jays of Toronto playing the Rays of Tampa Bay and seen on ESPN2, while the 3rd game at 8:35 PM ET brings us the Mets of New York playing the Royals of Kansas City and seen of ESPN.

The opening day season 1st game with the Cardinals and the Pirates as these 2 National League Central rivals meet at PNC Park, and when these 2 teams meet, be assured fans will see a great game. The Cardinals will have A. Wainwright starting on the mound whom missed practically all of last season with an extensive injury, and he is anxious for this MLB betting season to start.

Then the 2nd game will see the American League east division winners, the Blue Jays of Toronto taking on the Rays of Tampa Bay. Yes, the Blue Jays start this season with the loss of some top players, they still have a strong and dominate offensive roster. This game brings an interesting pitching arrangement since Price is no longer with the team their ace now is M. Stroman a 23 year old pitcher has stepped up to the occasion as he demonstrated in their 2015 playoff games. They also have C. Archer who had a great pitching record in 2015, and seeks to continue his performances in 2016.

Yes, this year the Opening Day 3rd game just happens to bring together the 2015 World Series teams as the Mets of New York once again face the Royals of Kansas City. The Royals will try to prove to the World that their win last year was not a fluke, as they think they have a great team and again can with the Title. The game also will bring together 2 great pitchers from each team with the Royals bet pitcher of 2015 in Volquez who will face the Royals strength in M. Harvey.

We are aware that this day may not feature your favorite team, but the game still will be exciting and packed with action on the 2016 MLB Opening Day, so take in all three of the games coming your way on ESPN.

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