Third party candidates in political betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Political Betting

The third party candidates in the US political betting have long been the odd man out.

And that status is not likely to change during the political betting process that will come to a close this November. But this year, the mood of the general electorate in the online political betting process is such that there are several candidates from third parties that do surprisingly well according to most political betting sites. In years past the candidates from fringe parties have received little notice from the voters in the political betting.

There are however, exceptions to this rule and some have even impacted the greater political betting process in a meaningful way. Take for example Ross Perot in the 1992 political betting elections. He garnered a higher percentage of votes than any other candidate in the history of political betting. Or what about Ralph Nader in the 2000 online political betting? Many hard core Democrats still blame him for Al Gore’s narrow defeat in the political betting.

This year there seems to be two candidates that could make a significant showing in the political betting polling come November. Independent-minded and Libertarian-leaning Dr. Ron Paul from Texas has struck a chord with many would be voters in the upcoming political betting contest and should poll well. Just how many votes he might receive in the online political betting is up for discussion but due to high levels of dissatisfaction in the electorate he could carry between 1-5% of the general vote. That may not seem all that much in the minds of some political betting fans, but consider that it is rare for a third party candidate to receive more than 1% of the vote in age of online political betting.

But the real dark horse could be Bob Barr when the political betting votes are finally counted. Barr is an ultra conservative and former congressman who known to have a nasty streak. But he is a candidate by default and will likely garner huge amounts of votes from the religious right in the political betting based on his conservative credentials.

Neither candidate has a shot at winning the political betting process, but they could certainly -and likely will- derail McCain’s chances.

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