Obama’s political betting challenges at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Political Betting

The days of August, have provided a much needed respite in terms of political betting coverage of the political betting process.

Democratic presumptive nominee Barak Obama has used this time to vacation before hitting the political betting campaign trail in earnest. But it won’t be an easy political betting road for either candidate, and for Obama especially, numerous potential political odds challenges lie ahead.

Once the Olympic Games end the world’s media attention will turn their focus back to the political betting process in the US and the scrutiny and political odds action will ratcheted up about ten notches. If you think the political betting coverage has been excessive this far, wait until next month and the month after when political odds talk will dominate every facet of the media as the contest heads into the political betting home stretch.

Obama has run a near flawless campaign this far, but the few hiccups he has faces in the political betting process have threatened to overshadow his positive efforts. With a very sharp Republican smear unit poised and ready to pounce on any misstep Obama has much to loose in the political betting process should be mess up. Even during his grueling primary political betting battle with Mrs. Clinton, he never faced daunting foe as the Republican spin machine.

But an even greater political betting challenge for Obama will be winning over the votes of Middle America in the political odds. As qualified and as elegant as Obama may be perceived in many political betting circles, Middle America has yet to warm to him. Much of this may have to with his political betting inexperience and sadly enough, even his skin color.

Obama can do nothing about the latter political odds challenge. But as to the first, he simply must continue doing what he’s done so far during the political betting process. And that is speak well, offer refreshing alternatives to current policy and hope that the American political betting public is ready to elect a president of mixed nationalities and not another wealth white man. And this could prove his biggest political odds challenge yet.

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