With 2020 Looming Politics Betting Odds Action Will Soon Peak

With 2020 Looming Politics Betting Odds Action Will Soon Peak

January 8th, 2019 Online Wagering, Political Betting

While 2018 featured the United States mid-term elections the year ahead figures to be quite heated.  Consider that the 2020 Untied States Presidential election is on everyone’s mind.  The lead up to the 2020 Presidential election will feature a very competitive Democrat Party primary season.  Soon candidates will declare on the Democrat side with debates to follow.  On the whole a record number of Democrats are expected to take on President Donald Trump.  Many pundits are counting “The Donald” out for re-election.  But never forget in 2016 Trump scored the biggest upset in history with the Politics betting odds. 

Trump Gearing Up

To begin with Trump will bring two major assets with him for the 2020 race.  First, he has the biggest, most loyal. and most passionate base of any candidate.  Second, he will be the incumbent.  And if history is any judge, knocking off a sitting US President is incredibly difficult.  As a matter of fact, since 1932 only two incumbent Presidents lost their re-election bids with the Politics Betting Odds.  Ronald Reagan stormed Jimmy Carter in 1980 due to bad economics.  So too was George HW Bush defeated by Bill Clinton in 1992 based on poor economic perception.

Unemployment Topic

Additionally, Trump currently owns a strong jobs market.  Starting with unemployment rates are the lowest in US history.  Extending that are low gasoline and energy prices thanks to Trump easing regulations.  Of great concern is a wildly up and down stock market.  However, that figures to improve with all other economic factors being favorable.  It follows that Trump’s foreign policy will be another online wagering asset.  He is getting America out of dangerous war zones.  More emphatically he is no longer allowing the Europeans to free-load on defense expenses.  Consistent with that is his tough border stance.

Approval for Trumps Ways

Overall Americans may say they dislike Trump and his antics.  Yet they time and again find themselves on agreement with the President on actual issues.  Counter to that are the Democrats being out of step with real people.  Indeed, their stated goals of no border security and high energy prices are against the will of most voters.  In like manner Trump showed how well job opportunities increase after moving the Democrats strangling regulations off the throat of the economy.

Trump and the Public

It is true that a majority of Americans disapprove of Trump.  Nonetheless that doesn’t mean they will flock to Democrats they disagree with.  Most important of all is the American secret voting booth.  To be exact, what voters say to pollsters and friends doesn’t equate to votes in that booth.  The peer pressure and negative stigma of supporting Trump cannot be seen there.  Indeed, this proved to be the wild card of 2016 with the Politics betting odds.  Which is why betting to much on the Democrats could prove dangerous.

Scenarios to Consider

In the primary season of 2019-2020 it is easy for voters to feel pressured into saying they will vote for an unknown Democrat.  But once detailed positions on the issues come out voters will then confront the reality of an actual decision.  On the other hand, if the economy goes south Trump will be in significant danger.  In like manner the USA is institutionally left wing.  “Education,” “journalism,” and “entertainment/pop-culture” are all actual Democrat organs.  More emphatically any Republican will face a perpetual three front war in any election.

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