Controversy Ridden Elections

October 16th, 2019 Political Betting

Fans of online betting are used to betting lines featuring sports teams the top sportsbooks available on the web are offering wagers on the US presidential election. While most online betting fans are looking to get away from politics but the select few who think they know which candidate will be moving into the white house. The elections will take place on the second Tuesday in November as is tradition. This year that date will fall on November 8th and it’s anyone’s guess who will come out as the next President of the United States. Let’s take a look at the sportsbooks and see who they favor to win this year’s nomination.

2016 US Presidential Election – Winning Party
Republicans +260
Democrats -310

Next President of the United States of America
Hillary Clinton -300
Donald Trump +250

While some might argue over who’s more qualified, there’s no arguing that this year’s election has been one of the craziest the US has ever seen. Donald Trump has by far taken the cake in the category of outspoken candidates. His comments have fearlessly approached (and trampled) topics which even Clint Eastwood would have steered clear of. Everything from punishing women who seek abortions to discussing the size of his genitalia on national television, the Donald fears nothing. Even more surprising than his comments are the fact that Trump’s political platform is as stable as relations in the Middle East. A prime example is his stance on his proposed Muslim ban.

At the beginning the Donald was very adamant about his belief that no Muslim should be allowed to enter the United States due to the current threat of terrorism. To be specific Trump demanded “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”. Since that day Donald’s statements have befuddled his stance instead of clarifying it, saying things like the ban was just a suggestion or that there should be exceptions for friends and Muslims in the military. Trumps latest statements reflect an ideology rooted in banning territories with a history of terrorism, and refrain from using the word of ‘Muslim’ more than likely due to the public backlash he has received.

While there’s no debating how much controversy Donald creates, Clinton is just as controversial. On top of recent allegations regarding the rigging of elections, Clinton has been unable to shake a scandal regarding the use a private server while handling classified information. Recently the FBI somehow ruled that her mishandling of highly sensitive information wasn’t enough to indict her. The case handler specifically spoke about how her carelessness wasn’t considered a crime and the nation automatically assumed he was questioning the intelligence of her actions, not the legality. While some are happy to have her name being cleared others are disappointed in seeing another elected official evading consequences. Trump has certainly has his share of flip-flops but Clinton is known for being less than truthful.

While this year may not feature the best candidates available there is no doubt one of these two will be moving into the White House this fall.  Online betting fans know the chances of a 3rd party actually winning the nomination are slim to none.

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