2008 political betting tumbling barriers at SBG Global

August 25th, 2017 Political Betting

Political betting fans have seen all kinds of firsts throughout the years when it comes to betting on presidential elections.

But political betting experts have seen that the odds of presidential candidate winning the 2008 election that was not a wealthy white male were decidedly slim before the political betting season for the ’08 election began. But now, just months away from the vote for president, it now seems that the odds of presidential candidate winning the 2008 that isn’t a wealthy white male are very good indeed.

Political betting pundits will quick to point out that presumptive Republican nominee John McCain is in fact a wealthy white male, but even his candidacy is breaking down barriers in the political betting. You see, the odds of presidential candidate winning the 2008 election over the age of 70 would have seemed very slim even a few months ago. But despite the long political betting odds, the primary voters have spoken and McCain, at 72 years of age, is on his way to become the oldest nominee in political betting history and perhaps even the oldest president in political betting history.

But of course that barrier is not nearly as ground breaking as the fact that a Black man or a white woman will be the Democratic nominee for the first time in the history of political betting. In a world dominated by white men, it is somewhat refreshing to consider that the odds of a presidential candidate winning the 2008 election are very good indeed. Both candidates have proven themselves dynamic and election worthy and have turned the world of political betting on its ear.

This season of political betting has been characterized as perhaps a bit petty and on occasion, especially recently, the tone has turned decidedly negative. However, no matter how dirty the political betting campaigning may get, political betting fans should not lose sight of the fact that this year’s elections are truly ground breaking for the fact that we could very well see a black man, white woman, or a man over 72 years old elected president for the very first time in political betting history.

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