US vs. China Will Be Major Olympic Betting Showdown at SBG Global

February 8th, 2022 Olympic Sports Betting

US vs. China Will Be Major Olympic Betting Showdown at SBG Global. In 2004 China nearly pulled off the major Olympic betting upset and narrowly finished second to the US in the gold medal Olympic sports betting. Olympic betting has rarely seen much of a battle in the medals competition over the past few decades. But this year will be a dog fight to see which country can win the most Olympic sports betting gold medals as well as the most overall Olympic betting medals. Host country China and the US will be locked in a tight battle for Olympic medals and it should be a hugely entertaining competition.

Modern Olympic betting has been dominated by the US, especially the summer Olympics. It’s been ages since the US was defeated in summer by another country and it would be a huge upset if such an event were to occur. But as China’s sporting prowess rises it seems all but certain to happen at this year’s Olympics. In the overall medal tally in the Olympic betting, the US has won over twice as many medals as the second place country, the USSR.

China has had relatively little success in the Olympic betting aside from a few niche sports like table tennis and diving. However, that all began to change about a decade ago and China has steadily become a dominant force in the Olympic betting. China has spent billions of dollars setting up training academies for children, and it has transformed itself from an Olympic sports betting nobody into one of the top competitors in all of Olympic betting. And if all things go as planned it will proudly win the Olympic betting medal battle this August as well.

The US closed the Athens Olympic betting with 36 gold medals compared to China’s 32 gold medals. In the overall medal count the competition wasn’t all that close with the US taking 102 medals versus 63 for the Chinese.

But in Olympic betting it’s the gold that matters most and the Chinese have proven more proficient at winning than the US. In Beijing the Chinese athletes will be better trained than in the past. However, it’s the fact that they’ll be playing in front of a crazed home audience that may help China to wrest the Olympic betting title from the US and become the top country in Olympic sports betting.