Olympic Sports Betting

     Olympic sports betting will include, as in Beijing, Olympic odds on many different sports including swimming, baseball, archery, etc. Olympic sportsbook wagering should be exciting this year with Olympic betting on a large number of the 28 sports in the games.


There will be a total of 165 men's events, 127 women's events and 10 mixed events.. Olympic sports wagering should also be popular on men's track and field where the men's 100 meter should get attention as always. Soccer is always a popular sport around the world in Olympic sport betting and that should be the case again with Olympic sports betting on the 2016 games that will take place in Rio de Janeiro.

Another popular wager at the Olympic sportsbook will be Olympic sports betting odds on the country to win the most medals. During the past games, China was a slight favorite over the United States in Olympic sports betting to finish with the most medals. Olympic sports betting will be popular all around the world, especially in the United States where people can watch hundreds of hours of coverage on NBC television. Anytime something is on television it is more popular in terms of gambling and that is the case with online betting lines for Olympics action. The summer Olympics don't have quite the appeal of the winter Olympics but basketball and soccer are always popular and once the tennis competitors are narrowed down to the final four that also gets exciting.

Online betting for Olympics action may be focused on popular events like the men's basketball and men's soccer, but don't forget about other gambling Olympic sports lines on events like tennis, baseball, steeplechase, handball, volleyball, etc. Check out all of the Olympic gambling online odds today.

LA’s hosting Olympic Games betting odds slim and none

The City of Angels’ Olympic Games betting odds of hosting the 2024 The City of Angels’ Olympic Games betting odds of hosting the 2024 Summer Games have taken a blow following president Trump’s Alhambra Decree, err, executive order. According to USA Today, U.S. Olympic officials were worried that a Trump presidency could negatively impact LA’s chances (not to say bring about the End Times), and now “their worst fears already are being realized.” Well, everybody’s worse fears are being realized. Oh, they mean about Los Angeles hosting the Olympics. People who bet on Olympic Games don’t care where the event is held, though; the magic of online gambling has them covered regardless.

Odds of Success for US Women’s Olympic Golf

US Women’s Olympic Golf OddsSports betting fans get a little treat every four years when the quadrennial Games of the Olympiad are held giving sportsbook users the ability to bet on Olympic events. While most athletes compete in tournaments around the year there is something entirely different about representing your country on an international stage. Some might argue that the stakes are raised as athletes are playing out of patriotism, not monetary compensation.

Andy Murray Favorite at Olympics as Federer Pulls Out

Andy Murray favorite at 2016 Olympics Scottish Andy Murray has to believe that his Olympics betting odds have taken a turn for the better now that Swiss Roger Federer has pulled a Tiger Woods and announced he will miss the Rio Olympics – along with the remainder of the 2016 season – in order to properly and extensively rehab his torn meniscus following surgery earlier in the year. Federer’s absence should leave Murray sitting in the catbird seat as the Scotsman looks to win a second gold medal. As fans of Olympics betting might remember, and as fate would have it, Murray defeated Federer of all people in the finals of the men's singles tennis tournament at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

What Rio Summer Olympics might be like without Russia

2016 Rio Summer Olympics If Russian athletes were to be banned from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic games – as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has suggested – that would considerably chance the landscape of the competition, including and not limited to sports betting. WADA has called for the ban as a result of a 103-page report from Canadian law professor Richard McLaren, who found evidence of systematic, state-supported cheating by Russia's athletes during the Sochi Winter Olympics. How would the Games be affected if the  International Olympic Committee heeded WADA’s recommendation? Let’s imagine an alternate reality in which Russia did not attend the 2012 London Olympics.

Star-less USA Basketball Team Favorites at Rio

No Stars, No Problem! USA Basketball Dream Team favorites at Rio! Rio Olympics betting is right around the corner and Team USA composed of the some of the greatest NBA players opened camp yesterday in Las Vegas and is headed to some exhibition games before the Olympics. Kevin Durant made headlines for his decision and consequently will have all eyes on him during this process with the Olympic Team. He is the face of the roster and will most likely be the most valuable player as there will be no Steph Curry and no Lebron James this time.  If you are a fan of basketball and you want to bet on the Olympics you need to keep an eye on KD and his international style of play. This is set to be the summer of Kevin Durant.  It’s a nice opportunity for him to get comfortable in the court with fellow Warriors Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. 

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