US and the Olympic Sportsbook Battle at SBG Global

February 9th, 2022 Olympic Sports Betting

US and the Olympic Sportsbook Battle at SBG Global. In the minds of most Olympic sportsbook odds makers Team USA is the team to beat in the Olympic sports betting when it comes to basketball. Four years ago at the Athens, Greece games Olympic sportsbook analysts were flabbergasted when the US failed to win the gold medal in the Olympic sports betting basketball competition.

The sloppy play of the Americans and the outstanding play of its European and Latin American competitors in the Olympic sportsbook action made every Olympic sports betting fan take notice. Now four years later, Team USA is back looking for the gold that they’ve won so many times before in the Olympic sportsbook competition and there is very good reason to believe that they’ll hoist the Olympic sports betting prize again.

Simply put Team USA has the best players on the face of the planet and that in it should help them take the gold in the Olympic sportsbook competition. Loaded with talent and under the direction of Coach K –someone who has vast experience with the international game- this team has a very good shot at capturing Olympic sportsbook glory.

If the team can get consistent perimeter shooting from marksman like Michael Redd and win the individual defensive match ups, it will claim the Olympic sportsbook crown. On the offensive end the team must also figure out how to beat the zone defenses of the European teams –something that doomed Team USA in the Athens Olympic sportsbook competition.

Rest assured, these are the very things that the team will practice over and over in the pre-Olympic sportsbook practices. The great athletes on this team like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, and others are accustomed to breaking down man-to-man defenses, with drives to the rim, however, against Olympic sportsbook zone defenses it’s not all that effective and leads to turnovers. Passing is the key to beating this type of Olympic sportsbook competition –something not all the Team USA players are adept at.

In order to avoid these pitfalls, we’ll likely see the Americans try and run other teams out of the gym and look to their defense to spur the break –a game that no other team in the Olympic sportsbook competition can match Team USA at.


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