Rory McIlroy skipping 2016 Olympics

October 28th, 2019 Olympic Games

It’s been 112 years since the last time golf was seen in the Olympics.  Golf betting  fans are getting excited for what’s coming… or not.  They might have to see one less star on the field, perhaps the most important one, as Rory McIlroy is considering not going.   It’s not because of the golf betting odds, it’s because healthcare officials are saying that the Zika virus in Brazil may turn into a “full-blown global health disaster” and it seems he rather play it safe.  The 4-time championship winner moves golf betting lines easily, but this time might be the exception. Rory McIlroy admits he was looking forward to the Olympics, but he is putting his future before the gold.  His engagement to Erica Stoll and the possibility of starting a family is what may stop him from going.  The Zika virus is linked to births defects and other conditions.

The return of golf and golf betting to the Olympics may be tainted due to Rory McIlroy’s decision. But that’s just the beginning of the problems for the Rio Olympics. Several top golf stars have already announced that they are skipping the Summer Games. Top names like Adam Scott, Charl Schwartzel, Marc Leishman, Louis Oosthuizen, Vijay Singh, Jordan Spieth, and Jason Day are all expected to skip the event. And they are just a couple of big names; the list is expected to grow in the coming weeks.

Fans betting on golf were anticipating the Summer Olympics as a brand new competition for the best in the world to convey and participate. However, Golf as a sport is far from getting a triumphant return and is becoming rapidly into a lackluster affair. Rory McIlroy’s absence is the straw that should break the camel’s back as now the issue of having a few stars miss the games is now becoming a more serious issue for the organizers as the Zika virus scare is definitely putting a huge dark cloud on the games.

Another prominent player that is worried about Zika, but has not yet expressed his decision is Danny Willet. The recent 2016 Masters Tournament winner has expressed that he is also concerned about the Zika virus. He has not, at the moment, announced that he will not compete. If he does so, this could be the final devastating blow for golf betting fans and the Olympics.

What can fans expect? The Olympics are still a couple of months away, but given that the organization will want for the best possible golf tournament, they need established stars to compete. No stars, means no viewers and no viewers mean no fans betting on golf. As the story progresses and other golfers state their intentions in the coming weeks, we will wait to see what will the Olympic look like in the end. For the moment as the US Open is around the corner, it will definitely be a common talking point during the tournament. The entire golf betting world awaits, but to be frank, things are looking bleak.

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