USA Team to Beat in Olympic Basketball Odds

February 9th, 2022 Olympic Sports Betting

Team USA has the talent to win the Olympic basketball odds. The Americans have by far the most talented squad in the Olympic sports betting on paper. Olympic Basketball Odds are full of surprises. It’s difficult to imagine a team consisting of Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and myriad other super stars getting beat in an NBA showdown but when it comes to the Olympics basketball odds competition the results aren’t as certain. Granted, the US squad enters the Olympic sports betting competition as the overwhelming favorite in the Olympic basketball odds, but they will have to work for the gold. With plenty of other more experienced international squads out there with talented NBA players in their own right a victory for Team USA in the Olympic basketball odds will not come easy.

But paper and the hard court are two different things, as are the NBA game and the International game. The NBA game is geared towards isolation plays and man-to-man defense. This style of play creates plenty of Sportscenter highlights but it’s not nearly as efficient as the style of play the other teams will use in the Olympic basketball odds competition. International style of play is much more about fundamentals and utilizes every player on the court for maximum efficiency, something that has beaten US teams in the Olympic basketball odds in the past.

International style of plays emphasizes extra passes, outside shooting and ball movement and the Team USA will have to adapt if it wants to hoist the gold in the Olympic basketball odds competition. Coach K is more than aware of this and is just the man to right the sinking team USA Olympic sports betting ship. With voluminous experience with the international style of play he’ll get his team set up to handle the Olympic basketball odds competition. He’ll likely rely on pressure defense to rattle the less athletic opponents and use turnovers to spur the break and the offense rather than getting bogged down in a half court set in the Olympic basketball odds competition.

The half court offense is where the international teams are at their strongest and with only one center on the Olympic basketball odds roster the US squad looks especially venerable in the paint. If any team is to beat them in the Olympic basketball odds battle this is where they’ll do their damage.


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