Olympic Games Betting Odds Rates Extra Special for Many Reasons

January 8th, 2019 Olympic Games, Sportsbook

At the beginning of any discussion about Olympic games betting odds is that there are two types of ways to wager on them.  First, there are the Winter Olympic Games which will next take place at China on February 4-20, 2022.  Second are the Summer Olympic Games that will take place July 24, August 9, 2020 at Japan.  Both the Summer and Winter Olympics take place every four years.  Consequently, the pressure on the athletes and those countries hosting the events is immense.  Most important of all the gambling action is hot and heavy.

Olympics Popularity

On the whole there is nothing quite like the Olympic Games for both the best and worst reasons.  Much like the FIFA World Cup the entire world is paying attention.  There are a multitude of sports in which heroes and goats emerge.  A clear difference can be seen between someone winning an Olympic Gold Medal compared to anything else.  Yet the arrogance of the International Olympic Committee is off putting to many fans.  Additionally, the politics and corruption associated with the Olympic Games is often nauseating.

Olympic Versions

But at the end fans and gamblers remain enthralled with the games.  Overall betting action with the Olympic Games Betting Odds is among the heaviest of any event in sports.  Further, the Summer Olympic Games bring more attention than the winter version.  Supplementing that is the greater variety of sports offered in the summer games.  More emphatically the Summer Games offer sports that more people can relate too.  Track and field, soccer, basketball, boxing, and marathons are all things that millions of fans have participated in.

Winter Olympics

Nevertheless, the Winter Olympics are the preferred choice of millions of fans.  Ice hockey, speed skating, ski jumping, and the bobsled are incredible events to watch. Famed American sportscaster Al Michaels has said that “there is nothing like Olympic hockey.”  In fact, Team USA’s hockey gold medal in 1980 was voted the number one sports moment of the last century.  For that reason, there is considerable sportsbook action on the Olympic hockey games.

Girls and the Olympics

In particular another factor about both the Summer and Winter Olympics are how they appeal to women.  Network and advertising executives salivate over the numbers of women that watch.  Most important of all are the two most female oriented sports at the Olympics.  Women’s ice skating is the top feature event in the Winter Olympics.  Additionally, pairs figure skating with a man and women rates just as high.  As for the Summer Olympics women’s gymnastics is the marquee draw.  Women flock to these events on the television and social media.  Owing to that is an increase in gambling for both.

Olympic Media Coverage

In view of the sheer volume of news and media coverage for the Olympics it stands to figure that gamblers gravitate.  Moreover, the hype from the media feeds into the desire for action with the Olympic Games betting Odds.  In the first-place gamblers that are incessantly bombarded with promotions about top athletes have something to wager about.  Along the same lines people naturally gravitate to the Olympic Games anyway.

Excitement Every 4 Years

Above all what makes the Olympic Games so special is that they occur only once every four years.  Henceforth there is an element of each sport ranking as a special event in and of themselves.  Therefore, gambling on the Olympic Games cannot be missed!

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