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February 10th, 2022 Olympic Sports Betting

Olympic betting fans might be surprised to learn by what large margin the United States leads the rest of the world in Olympic sports wagering medals. Olympic wagering seems to bring out the best in everyone. From the bettors, the athletes, politicians and anyone else involved, the true spirit of the Olympic sports betting is good will and friendly competition. And in the history of Olympic gambling that has characterized much of what’s gone on in the Olympic sports betting, with much goodwill exchanged and many medals handed out.

Olympic gambling during the past century has shown some countries that have fared much better than others in terms of winning medals. It’s not that difficult for fans to deduce which countries have been the most successful. The US has won more medals, gold or otherwise, than any other country in Olympic gambling history.

In the history of the Olympic games, the US has won a total of 2405 medals in all competitions, both winter Olympic wagering  and summer Olympic gambling. That statistic might not mean much on its own but when you compare it with the second highest medal count, 1205 it’s easy to see by how much the United States leads in Olympic sports bets.

Add to that the fact that the country with the second most Olympic betting medals, the USSR, is defunct and you see how dominant the US has been in the Olympics. But that era looks to have passed, and during the 2006 winter Olympics the US did not win despite all its resources and large population. This summer, China looks poised to knock the US off the Olympic betting pinnacle on which it has perched for so long.

One other fact that might be surprising to some Olympic betting fans is the fact that after the US and the USSR, Italy has won the third most medals in the games. But if you consolidate East and West Germany’s medal haul it easily surpasses that of the Italians (300 gold medals) in the Olympic gambling. These countries are followed in the Olympic sports betting by France and the UK.


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