Olympic Betting Athletes to Watch

February 10th, 2022 Olympic Sports Betting

You can’t argue with what some athletes done in the pre-Olympic betting competitions, they put on a tremendous show at the Beijing Olympic sports betting. Olympic gambling revolves around bringing out the best in the athletes and teams that compete for the Olympic sports betting gold medals. It is a competition among countries but it is generally the individual athletes that shine in the Olympic betting. This year, there are plenty of world class athletes ready to put on a show and delight the Olympic gambling audiences around the world.

One Olympic gambling athlete to watch in particular is American swimmer Michael Phelps. In fact, this year’s competition could easily be renamed the Michael Phelps games. He has set a remarkably ambitious goal of capturing eight gold medals in eight events and setting a world record in each of the events, surpassing Mark Spitz, the Olympic god’s, record. That may sound like a crazy, if not impossible Olympic betting goal, but he’s well on his way to achieving Olympic sports gambling greatness having qualified in all eight events and setting numerous world records along the way. Phelps will be man to watch in the Olympic betting in Beijing as he flirts with Olympic sports gambling greatness.

Another athlete to watch is Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. He has a chance to capture an unprecedented sweep of the Olympic gambling sprinting events at Beijing. He is currently the world record holder for the 100 meters, but he is a natural 400 meter runner who also excels in the 200 meter event. With his tall (6’4”) frame and lanky stride, he is far from a traditional Olympic sprinter.

For amazing athletic achievements on the women’s side, Olympic gambling fans need look no further than 43 year old Dara Torres. She is the oldest American athlete in the Olympic games. But she’s not going as a charity case, either, and is well positioned for an Olympic gambling gold. She set two American records in the pre-Olympic sports betting qualifying and could be the story of the games if she can strike Olympic gambling gold.


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