Favorites in Olympic Sports Betting at SBG Global

February 10th, 2022 Olympic Sports Betting

In 2004 there was no doubt on the best Olympic sport betting country. The USA won 36 golds, the most in the Olympic sports betting, and 102 total medals. With over 200 countries in the world the field for the Olympic sport betting competition is tremendously wide. But in reality there are only a handful of teams that will have a shot at winning the most total medals in the Olympic sports betting and most golds in the Olympic sport betting. Much of this has to do with the resources and population of a country and only the wealthy and large countries tend to have a real shot at winning the medal counts in the Olympic sports betting.

In the summer games there has been one that that has dominated the Olympic sport betting. It should come as little surprise to anyone that the US (as the wealthiest country in the Olympic sports betting and also home to a sizeable 300 million population) has been the best Olympic sport betting performer year in and year out. But that will likely change, and China and could emerge as soon as this year as the top Olympic sport betting country in the summer games.

But the competition was tight with the Chinese down to the final wire and it was only in the final events that the USA secured a win over the Chinese in Olympic sport betting medal count. Still, China finished just four golds back with 32, a very impressive gold medal haul by any Olympic sport betting count.

But this year China is likely to put forth a much stiffer challenge in the Olympic sports betting and many experts expect China to take the gold medal crown and perhaps even the total medal haul. China has been dumping billions of dollars into athlete training and the results in recent Olympic sport betting competitions speak for themselves. And in front of a nationalistic-crazed home crowd the sky seems the limit for the Chinese in the Olympic sport betting.

Russia could also be a factor in the Olympic sport betting race for the most medals, but almost assuredly this will be a two horse race between the US and China to see which country can amass the most medals in the Olympic sport betting.