Famous Olympic Odds Light Heavyweight Fighters at SBG Global

February 10th, 2022 Olympic Sports Betting

There may be no other weight class in the Olympic odds action that has produced as much top talent in the history of Olympic sports betting. Olympic odds fans can still count on the action for some exciting fighting, no matter how much the sport of boxing declines. Through the years there have been all kinds of top boxers that have emerged from the Olympic sports betting, but this has been especially so in the light heavyweight action. To start the Olympic odds list off, a place at the top must be reserved for Cassius Clay, a talented young boxer who took golf in the Olympic odds at Rome.

This young man from Louisville, KY had an awfully successful career after the event, and most Olympic sports betting fans likely know him by his post-Olympic name: Muhammad Ali. Ali, the self-proclaimed “greatest ever,” was one of the rare athletes that lived up to that type of billing. His fabulous career all began with a victory in the Olympic odds competition.

Ali was hardly the only big-time light heavyweight to emerge from the Olympic odds competition to have success. Sixteen years later, the US won the gold in this Olympic odds competition once again when Michael Spinks struck gold. Spinks would later become most famous to future generations of Olympic odds fans as an unlucky knockout victim of a young Mike Tyson years after his Olympic sports betting triumph.

Evander Holyfield is also a huge name in modern boxing. He also got his start in the light heavyweight division. However, unlike Ali and Spinks, Holyfield had to settle for bronze in his Olympic odds competition, though it all worked out in the end. The four-time world champion will always be remembered as one of the top Heavyweight boxers of the last century, and it all started with the Olympic odds competition.

The latest great light heavy weight to make a name for himself in the Olympic odds competition is Antonio Tarver who struck bronze in 1996 and has moderate success as a professional. He has been in many big matches since his days as a fighter, but has failed to dominate the pro ranks the way some of his predecessors have.