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From sports betting and horse racing to poker and casino play, offshore betting is how many gamblers bet their money.

Offshore betting begins for most gamblers by sending money to an offshore gambling site. This can be done in various ways from money orders and bank wires to credit cards and online money services. The money is put into your offshore online gambling account and bets can be made on a wide variety of things including sports, horse racing, poker and casino games.

Most offshore wagering sites have all of this in one site or they are linked to their sister site that handles a particular interest. For example, an online site might have a sports betting name but be very involved in poker as well. You would then have access to their poker site with the same money you used for sports betting. The same thing applies to horse racing and casino wagering as you would be linked to those options through the one site.

The easy of betting offshore is a huge appeal to most gamblers. No longer do you have to go to a local casino to place wagers on sports. You don’t have to go to a local cardroom to play poker. You can do everything at one gambling offshore site. The ability to make wagers and play poker from the comfort of your own home is a huge plus for gamblers around the globe.

Dealing with an online betting offshore site can be like dealing with a bank. Your money is safe and secure and available for use at anytime. You can place wagers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can deposit or withdraw your money from these sites at anytime. Another plus is that these sites give you bonuses and perks for gambling with them. Normally you can get deposit bonuses that you can turn into real money.

There is no question that gamblers are flocking to online gambling sites in record numbers. The ability to make wagers quickly, securely and easily makes offshore betting very popular.

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2016 Northern Trust Open Betting Predictions

February 18, 2016 Golf, Offshore Betting

18th hole at Riviera Country ClubAnother week goes by in February 2016 and we have another PGA Tournament upon us with the 2016 Northern Trust Open that is played from the 18th thru the 21st of February 2016 with the tournament played at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California.

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Pacers at Thunder Friday Night Betting Preview

February 18, 2016 NBA Basketball, Offshore Betting

Oklahoma City Thunder gameWith the All-Star weekend out of the way we move on into the 2nd half of the 2015-16 NBA Regular Season and here we preview the Eastern Conference No. 6 Indiana Pacers 28-25 playing the Western Conference No. 3 Oklahoma City Thunder 40-14 with the game being played on Friday the 19th of Feb. 2016 at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with the tip-off scheduled for 8:05 PM ET.

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Stoke City vs. Manchester United Betting Preview for Tuesday Afternoon

January 31, 2016 Football Soccer, Offshore Betting

Manchester United soccer fieldAs the 2015-16 Euro soccer season rolls on, we have an interesting match between the Potters of Stoke City playing the Red Devils of Manchester United in this EPL in the League round 24. Presently the Manchester United is ranked 5th in the EPL with 36 points, while Stoke City is ranked at 9th with 32 points to date. The game is being played at Old Trafford in Manchester, United Kingdom at 3 PM ET.

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Offshore Betting: Best Triple Threats offenses in College Football

July 15, 2014 Offshore Betting

In College Football, standing out in offense is key to having a successful season, and offshore betting fans know this by heart. At times, luck will have it that teams will encounter unique chemistry in their offense and are able to put together a Triple Threat Offense. Combining good quality quarterback, with a good running back and adding a good wide receiver to the mix, can really make the team stand out from the rest.

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Offshore betting: NFL Offseason Rumors, what’s true and what’s bogus?

July 3, 2014 Offshore Betting

Offshore betting fans, those who are smart and hardcore players know that they need to be informed on what surrounds the teams in the league. The offseason in NFL is an almost never-endingplethora of rumors from the ludicrous to leaked secrets. If you are betting offshore on NFL football this season, you might have heard some of these rumors already. 

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Offshore Betting: Most Improved NFL Team for the 2014 Season

July 3, 2014 Offshore Betting

One of the beauties of NFL Football and Offshore betting is on how teams that once where at the bottom, down and out, can turn things around. In the upcoming 2014 season, with the movements and draft already past, certain teams are expected to improve their win/lose  department.

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