Red Wings Still Alive in the 2010 Stanley Cup Odds Action

The Red Wings are the team of the decade but 2010 has not been their year and they are close the brink of elimination in the 2010 Stanley Cup odds competition.

But the Red Wings is not only skilled, but full of heart and plenty experienced when it comes to NHL playoff betting.  And even if though this team was staring out of a seemingly insurmountable 3-0 hole in their Western Conference semi-final against the San Jose Sharks it refused to give up and still alive in the Stanley Cup betting race.

Not that long ago this team was collecting Stanley Cup odds trophies like party favors.  It seemed like every year they were not only in the Stanley Cup betting finals but they were winning the Cup as well.  But that changed last year when the Wings reached the Finals for the second straight year against the young Pittsburgh Penguins.

In the 2009 Stanley Cup betting competition the Wings jumped out to an early lead in the Stanley Cup wagering action only to see the Pens stage an incredible comeback to win the biggest prize in hockey betting.

And that’s when the string of bad luck, injuries and doubt began.  Detroit was severely hobbled the entire 2009-10 NHL betting season never getting their core of Johan Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, Brian Rafalski, Johan Franzen, Niklas Lidstrom, et al, all healthy at the same time until the close of regular season.

The Wings qualified for the NHL playoff betting competition as the #5 seed with 102 points (44-24-14).  After dispatching the #4 seed Coyotes in seven games in round one of the hockey betting playoffs it looked like the Wings were poised to make a run at the 2010 Stanley Cup odds action.

Bu than the round two series with the #1 seed San Jose Sharks begin and it seemed like reaching the 2010 Stanley Cup odds was nothing more than a pipe dream.  And down 3-1 heading back to San Jose for Game 5 in this NHL betting matchup it just might be.

But if there is any team that can come back from a 0-3 and still qualify for the Stanley Cup betting finals it’s the Wings.

This team has all the talent and experience in the world. Remember, teams have come back from 0-3 twice before in NHL playoff betting history so it isn’t impossible.