Stanley Cup Betting History

Stanley Cup betting has been around for a very long time. While most pro hockey betting has been around for more than a century the actual Stanley Cup betting didn't come along for a few more years.

But relative to all the other championships in major sporting leagues, Stanley Cup betting is among the oldest there is. Stanley Cup betting enjoys a rich tradition and history that most sporting leagues can only dream of. Lord Stanley's Mug was established well over 100 years ago in 1893 and for more than a century hockey betting fans have delighted in the Stanley Cup betting season.

The Cup itself is constructed of nickel and silver stands at a height of 36 inches, weighs 35 pounds and provides one helluva a trophy the winner of the Stanley Cup betting. The original version of the Stanley Cup betting prize was simply the bowl that rest atop the current trophy and is made of pure silver. The pedestal on which it now sits was added some time later and all the past Stanley Cup betting winners' names are now affixed to it.

Lord Stanley himself, the former governor general of Canada was very enthusiastic hockey (and likely hockey betting) fan and would no doubt be proud that his name has been leant to the Stanley Cup betting process. His name now is carried by hockey betting's most prestigious betting competition and known the world over. But it wasn't until 1915 that the current form of Stanley Cup betting that we're accustomed to came to be.

Up until that point the Stanley Cup betting had centered on the top amateur competition in Canada. But in 1915 the top two hockey betting leagues in the country reached an agreement whereby the respective champs of each would face off in what would eventually become the present day Stanley Cup betting format. It was actually quite similar to the AFL-NFL agreement on the Super Bowl except that the Stanley Cup betting agreement came into being some half a century before the NFL's deal.

Obviously much has changed in Stanley Cup betting since then including other league mergers and major expansion in the U.S., but at its heart Stanley Cup betting has always been nothing but pure hockey betting excitement and that tradition still continues today.