Penguins go down in first playoff game

The defending NHL hockey betting champion Pittsburgh Penguins were supposed to be able to coast through the first round of their NHL playoff betting matchup with the Ottawa Senators.

The champs were going to walk all over the lowly Senators in a four-game sweep of the NHL betting series and rest up for the inevitable showdown with Alex Ovechkin the best team in the hockey odds action this season, the Washington Capitals.

But somebody forgot to give the memo to the Senators who pulled off the biggest surprise in the first night of the NHL playoff odds action by beating the champs 5-4 on their home ice.  And if you were one of the few sports betting fans out there who made a hockey bet on the Senators last night, you’re bank account is much better off today than it was yesterday.

There’s hardly reason to panic if you’re the Pens but things certainly didn’t go as planned in the first game of the 2010 hockey betting playoff action.  The Pens superstars showed up and left their mark on the NHL odds competition as everyone expected, but a little bit of bad luck and some unexpected poor play by the usually solid net tender, Mark Fleury, resulted in the hockey betting loss.

Sid the Kid was lights out with 3 assists in this NHL playoff betting opening round action and his side kick Egevni Malkin also came up big with two goals and an assist.  But it simply wasn’t enough to overcome the five goals that the Senators slotted in.

Fleury was practically useless in this hockey betting matchup failing to make a big save whenever the occasion called for it.  One of the Senators’ first goals in this online betting matchup came off a crazy bounce that was hardly his fault, but the other 4 goals allowed were inexcusable, especially on a hockey betting stage of this magnitude.

But series is still young and if you’re looking to bet on the winner, you should still make a hockey bet on the Pens to advance.