Hockey Playoffs Betting

Hockey playoffs betting always seems to bring out the best in the league's top players.

The bigger the competition the better top stars of NHL betting seem to play. You can trace this truism down the great linage of NHL betting stars and this year there are any number of great players are ready to break out in the hockey playoffs betting.

Hockey playoffs betting fans have seen the top talent in the league perform all year and cannot wait to see them perform on the grandest stage of them all, the hockey playoffs betting. The first name that jumps out at most NHL betting fans is of course Sydney Crosby, the golden boy, heir apparent, the second coming of Gretzky, whatever the hockey playoffs betting experts may call him, all these titles seem apt.

And incredible talent, Crosby, lifted his overachieving Pens to moderate success in last year's Hockey playoffs betting and will be looking to do even more this year as the NHL betting reigning MVP. He can score, pass, play a little D and basically singe-handedly destroy any hockey playoffs betting opponent he face. And in this year's hockey playoffs betting he'll have help from some talented teammates.

But the real star of this year's hockey playoffs betting could be Alexander Ovechkin the front runner for this season NHL betting MVP. Ovechkin is the best pure goal poacher that will be featured in the Hockey playoffs betting this season. No matter how many opponents you put on him will find a way to score. He will be looking to play big in this year's hockey playoffs betting after a disappointing performance last year. If he gets hot in the hockey playoffs betting, as he's been all year, the Caps could go deep into the post season.

Nicolas Lindstrom has been playing nearly perfect this NHL betting season and is a major reason why the Red Wings will be the likely number one seed in the hockey playoffs betting. He is one of the best all around players in the league and invaluable in Detroit. Martin St Louis of the Tampa Lighting has also been having an unbelievable season and would as deserving as any player in the hockey playoffs betting for the leagues MVP award. However, his team stinks and barring a miracle he will not be featured in this year's hockey playoffs betting.