NHL Playoffs Betting: best of the West at SBG Global

NHL playoffs betting will begin shortly and teams are desperately fighting to secure their place. NHL betting fans have been treaty to a feast of excellent competition this year in the regular season and the NHL betting promises to be even better. Right now in the Western Conference there are a handful of very exciting teams that are all vying for a spot in the NHL betting.

Hockey betting always features the top teams and the top competition in all of hockey. This year the competition has been as fierce as anyone can remember and question as to which teams will be represented in theNHL playoffs bettingremains something of a riddle. In the West there are a handful of very talented teams but only eight of them will earn a place in the NHL playoffs betting and the rest will be sent home with a broken heart.

Right now the three division leaders in the NHL betting are Detroit, Minnesota and Dallas, but with all the competition in NHL betting this year that will most certainly change before the NHL betting begins. Detroit has been the hottest team in the NHL betting this year, but has hit the wall just weeks before the NHL playoffs betting is to begin. The Red Wings still own the best record in hockey and should snap out of the funk in time for the NHL playoffs betting. Count on the Red Wings getting a top seed in the NHL betting action.

In the Pacific Division, Dallas has been on a tear and at this point is the favorite to uproot Detroit for the one seed on the NHL playoffs betting. This team is just five points back from the Wings and has gone 7-3 over its past 10 games. Defending NHL playoffs betting champ Anaheim also looks dangerous and despite its seed is one of the top three teams in the West.

The Northwest division presents a few more questions for NHL betting experts as Minnesota and Calgary are locked in a first place tie with Colorado just three points back and plenty of hockey still to play before the NHL playoffs betting begins in earnest. All these teams are a lock to make the NHL playoffs betting scene, but the real question is which team will emerge as the champ of the NHL playoffs scene?