NHL Playoff Betting Primer at SBG Global

Online hockey betting is full of exciting games, last minute victories, and a lot of betting action. Stanley Cup betting odds are available throughout the NHL season. The NHL playoff betting season involves best of 7 series where home ice advantage is given to the higher seed in all rounds except the first, when all division winners are assured a seed no lower than third. Home ice advantage for the Stanley Cup Finals is determined by points. The team with home-ice advantage is at home for Games 1, 2, 5 and 7 and on the road for games 3, 4 and 6.

The rules for NHL action changed after the lockout a few years ago and it did affect NHL betting. The elimination of ties and the new shootout format to decide games was a factor during the regular season but the rules eliminating the red line is also a factor in totals.

Hockey is like baseball, where you just have to win the game and do not have to worry about covering a spread since games do not end in ties. Remember during the NHL playoffs that the shootout is not part of the equation as it was during the regular season. Games during the playoffs go to overtime if tied and continue until a winner is determined, no shootouts are involved.

NHL playoff betting action involves looking at the best teams but at the same time getting value. That is what it is all about in many forms of sports betting and that includes NHL playoff action. You just can’t lay -200 or more and expect to get away with it. The same thing happens in baseball where betting on the best teams doesn’t make you money because of the price you are laying. NHL playoff betting is similar in that respect, because you can’t continually lay big money and win.

Take a look at the NHL playoffs as an exciting betting opportunity. Look for value where you can find it and don’t forget about playing totals. They could be some of your best bets during playoff action as you look at the NHL playoff betting lines.