Caps trying to avoid going home in 2010 Stanley Cup Betting Battle

July 19th, 2018 NHL Hockey

Who would have thought that the remarkable 2010 NHL betting season of the Capitals would come down to a do-or-die Game 7 in round one of the post season?

Not many people, that’s for sure, and if you’d have made an online bet that this opening round game of the 2010 Stanley Cup betting action would go seven games you’d have raked in a boat load of cash.

But hindsight is 20-20 and it doesn’t change the fact that Caps must win tonight against the Montreal Canadiens or their NHL betting playoff action dreams will be crushed.

The real question that most hockey fans are asking, especially those that picked the Caps to win the Stanley Cup odds action, is how did it come to this?  Washington ended the regular season as the NHL betting points leader (121 points) by a double-digit margin.

In fact, sports betting fans could go so far as to say the Caps dominated during the NHL hockey betting regular season and for all intents and purposes, the Stanley Cup odds competition was theirs to lose.

But the simple truth is, the team has played awfully poor so far in the race to the 2010 Stanley Cup betting action and if it doesn’t tighten up on D and get the goals flowing this team will be playing golf in no time.

The game 6 hockey betting blowout was a snapshot of this entire series for the Caps.  It was a series of unending errors and missed opportunities for the Caps and if they play like that again when these two teams meet up in the Game 7 seven betting action in the nation’s capital on Wednesday you be sure the Caps season will be over.

But the Caps have several things going in their favor and despite the NHL betting series unexpectedly being drawn out to seven games the Caps will advance.  Expect NHL wagering superstar Alex Ovechkin to lift this team on his shoulders and push past the upstart Habs.

Also, the Caps will playing at home, which is a huge boost, and of course, at the heart of the matter, Washington is simply much more talented and that hockey betting talent should shine through in Game 7.

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