Vikings at Packers in Week 17 Betting

November 21st, 2019 NFL Football

Another 2015-16 NFL Regular Season Week 17 final game with the NFC-North rivals with the 10-5 Minnesota Vikings (NFC-North) playing the 10-5 Green Bay Packers (NFC-North) with the game being played at the Packers home, Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin with kick-off scheduled for 8:35 PM ET and seen on NBC TV.

If you are one to Bet on NFL football the betting odds for this game have the Packers the early favorites at -3 -125 with the Over/under at 45 ½ and -175 on the Money Line, while the Minnesota Vikings are the underdogs at +3 +105 and +155 on the ML.

For those that Bet on NFL football the early betting odds for this game have the Packers favored at -3 (-125) and with the Over/under at 45 ½ and -175 on the ML, while the Vikings listed as the underdogs at +3 (+105) and +155 on the ML. Yes, the NFC North will be decided as these 2 divisional rivals both with 10-5 records will be decided in this their final game of the 2015-16 season. The last game for these 2 rivals saw the Packers lose to the Cardinals while the Vikings beat the Giants of New York.

For the fans of the 10-5 Minnesota Vikings your QB Bridgewater for the last 2 Sundays was not real impressive, but his RB A. Peterson and the Vikings defense stepped up their efforts as they routed the giants 49-17 in that game. RB Peterson prior to this game had a couple of games where he struggled but in their last game against the Giants he had 22 carries for some 110 yards and 1 TD. The defense had a great game as they intercepted Giants QB E. Manning some 3 times and sacked him 4 times, and one of the intercepts went for 6 points, and another set up RB Peterson for a score. Fortunately RB Peterson showed no effects on his ankle injury in that game, and fans will be watching for improved performance from their star RB who to date this season leads the league rushing with some 1,420 yards to date.

Also, the Vikings are glad to have the return of three of their defensive stars who had been out with injuries in NT L. Joseph, LB A. Barr and Safety H. Smith. So fans should not be surprised if their defense doesn’t dominate the Packers struggling offense whose OL has face several injuries. The Vikings in their first game of the 2015 season had a loss, but since then have most impressive on the road with a record of 6-0 against the spread.

The 10-5 Green Bay Packers and their fans were surprise by the upset loss 38-8 to the Cardinals of Arizona in a game that was worse than the score indicated, as the Packers were dominated on offense as well as on defense. Most the of the blame for the loss went to the struggling injured razed offensive line that allowed QB Rodgers to be sacked on some 8 occasions. Those sacks resulted in QB Rodgers fumbling 3 times and resulted in 3 turnovers.

It’s tough for any QB to succeed with such poor blocking, and in this game it does not appear that will get better since their star OT B. Bulaga is out with an ankle injury and his back-up is struggling big time.

Since the Packers passing game has also been weak, the offense for Green Bay will need to see their running come back to life against the Vikings, as fortunately for the Packers the Minnesota defense has not fared well against the run in 2015. In Week 11 the Packers rushed for 125 yards in their win over the Vikings 30-13.

In the Packers loss to the Cardinals their defense seemed to be helpless, since their offense had 4 turnovers of which 2 of them resulted in touchdowns for the Cardinals. However, against the Vikings the Packers offense should fare better since the Vikings as of late have struggled with their pass protection and in their 1st game with the Packers the Vikings QB Bridgewater was sacked 6 times by Green Bay’s defense.

At their home Lambeau Field the Packers in their ultimate 10 games with the Vikings are 8-1-1 and 7-3 against the spread and the only home game they did not win was back in 2013 when QB Rodgers didn’t play due to injuries.

The sportsbook prediction for this game is that the Packers get it together again prior to game time and beat the Vikings again 24-21 and cover the spread!

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