2015-16 Minnesota Vikings Preview

December 13th, 2019 NFL Football

With the 2015 NFL season just weeks away its time we take a look at a preview of some of the NFL teams, and today we will preview the Vikings of Minnesota whom in 2014 had their share of team injuries and controversy surrounding their team. In 2014 they would like nothing better than to put all those troubles in their rear view mirror, and this 2015 make a shot at getting to the playoffs, since they have RB A. Peterson now back in action. In 2014 Peterson missed all the season with the exception of the 1st week of the season and regular games, as a result of legal complications.

Continue on if you are interested in previewing the 2015-16 seasons for the Minnesota Vikings. So, we start with the fact the Minnesota has not been to the playoffs since back in 2012 when they had 10 wins and 6 losses. It appeared that in 2014 they would repeat that feat with their rookie QB T. Bridgewater, with Peterson at RB. As you know, that never continued since Peterson did not play past week 1.

Thus, they ended the season for 2014 with 7 wins and 9 losses. Yes in 2015 they have Peterson back, which would give then the strong running game they need if they are to make the playoffs this season. This season the Vikings, with a possible strong running offense and a competent rookie QB the Vikings of Minnesota odds are +500 to be victorious in winning the title for their division.

In the offseason the biggest positive move was the Vikings acquire former Dolphins WR M. Wallace whom in 2014 for Miami scored 10 TD’s on 862 yards from 67 catches. We are not sure if he can repeat that here with the Vikings since their offense is a run first, and they have a rookie QB.

To boost the struggling offensive line the drafted in the 4th round T. Clemmings who they hope will create some competition with the offensive lineman as some were hindered with injuries last season.

They also beefed up their Secondary by acquiring a CB veteran in T. Newman from the Bengals where he played for some 3 seasons. With their 11th pick they also got CB T Waynes of Michigan State and were considered to be the best CB in the draft this season. However, they did fail to beef up the defensive pass rush as they were unable to sign a veteran with experience.

The most important and key player for this 2015-16 season for the Vikings is none other than RB A. Peterson as he is a player that can keep the opposing defenses suffering with his incredible powerful running tactics. Plus, he takes some pressure off their young QB Bridgewater. He has indicated he is shooting for some 12 plus TD’s this season and rushing or over 2,000 yards as he did in the 2012 season.

Their most important game will be late in the season, as on the 3rd of January 2016 they play the Packers of Green Bay their arch rivals in their division. This is their last game of the season, and what a great way to terminate the season, and with their offseason improvements and the return of RB Peterson, this may be the time they find out if they are worthy of a Division Title with this game at the famous Lambeau Field, home of the Packers.

If you Bet on NFL at an Offshore sportsbook, the best case for the Vikings is for Peterson in his comeback to run line crazy, while their young QB has a manageable passing game and the Vikings move on to the playoffs. While the worst case would be for Peterson not to return to his previous form and their young QB is unable to lead the team to a victorious record. However, the expert’s belief the Vikings will win 10 games while losing 6 and finish the season in 2nd place in their division.

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