Top NFL Betting Odds in Week 3

March 3rd, 2020 NFL Football

The 2014 NFL betting season is in full gear and it is now time to review week 3’s match ups and select the picks for this exciting week. This Sunday is one that many of us have been expecting, as we will see a rematch of last season’s Super Bowl, between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. But besides that, there are also other matches that players looking to get some football betting action will definitely want to pay attention to them.

The first match for this upcoming week that should be an interesting one, is the Dallas Cowboys (-120) at St. Louis taking on the Rams (EV). Both teams come with a record of 1-1, and pairing them on paper seems like a close match-up, since both teams will come with high spirits after their wins on week 2. In situations like this, one might be tempted to pick the Rams, considering the home field advantage. Also worth noting is Stedman Bailey’s impending return will definitely help the Rams this season, however Bailey won’t be back soon enough as the pick in this game has to go to the Cowboys on the spread and to win the game.

Another matchup that will have some sparks flying will be the Redskins (+235) versus the Eagles (-275). NFL Betting fans might want to go ahead and pick Philadelphia as they are with high morale after last Monday’s heroic victory over the Colts. However, do not rule out Washington and the wildcard that is DeSean Jackson. Eagles have been able to rally up in their last two games after giving away quite a lot of points, but in this case don’t count on it. Redskins, the underdog on this matchup, will beat the Eagles in a very tight game.

And finally, perhaps the most anticipated game of week 3 by all NFL betting fans, will see the rematch of Super Bowl XLVIII. The Seattle Seahawks (-240) will face the Denver Broncos (+200). The Broncos are a great Football team, with a great offense, but the Seahawks are the Champions, the same team that gave Denver a bad thrashing in the Super Bowl. Denver will definitely want some revenge, but expect them to fall short of it. Seahawks will win 30-27.

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