Offshore Sportbook: Jaguars vs. Rams

The St. Louis Rams are -11point offshore sportbook favorites this Sunday 6 when they host fellow bottom feeders the Jacksonville Jaguars. That ample advantage may be due to the fact that the Rams have actually managed to win a game this season, against the Arizona Cardinals, what probably seems an eternity ago to fans. Nevertheless, the reprieve for St. Louis may come in the form of the one of the few teams who is actually doing worse than they are. The Jags are 0-4 this year and well on their way to a new all-time low after last record-setting 2-14 season.

 Believe it or not though, a lot more may be at stake on Sunday than just an offshore sportbook bet, especially for the Rams, and that’s their future. It’s baffling how a team that has had a top 10 NFL draft pick every year for the past six seasons is in the shape that St. Louis is. In particular when other teams in the same position have been able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and become competitive again. This is only head coach Jeff Fisher’s second season with the Rams, but if he can’t even manage to pull a winning effort against the Jaguars, upper management may as well throw in the towel and reboot the entire franchise.

Jacksonville also has a new general manager (David Caldwell) and a new head coach (Gus Bradley). However, the teams seems to be stuck in pre-season mode, being nothing much than fodder for the rest of the league (so far the Chiefs, the Raiders, the Seahawks and the Colts have used the Jags as punching bags). That’s going to be the case once again on Sunday, unless they surprise everybody and actually score a victory, which would be worse for the Rams than it would be good for the Jaguars. Maybe we’re reading too much into it; after all, it’s just a game between two non-contenders. Well, at the very least it should be an easy offshore sportbook wager, unless you’ve got some money to burn and want to amuse yourself putting it on the Jags.