Superbowl Odds Preparation at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds should be prepared for similar to how you prepare to bet regular season odds.

Preparation helps a gambler stay within bounds and maintain control when looking at Superbowl odds.

Superbowl odds preparation begins with a money management plan so that a gambler will not overextend himself. A gambler will allocate the proper amount that he wishes to utilize for Superbowl betting. While money management is of paramount importance in Superbowl betting, it is also important to enter with an independent mind. Following the crowd is the one sure way to lose at NFL betting and that can be the case with Superbowl odds as well.

Another part of being prepared is to have a long term outlook and approach and to never be reactive. A way to avoid big losses in Superbowl betting is to not put too much stock into such items as injuries, last week’s results, weather, media quotes, and media spin. Super Bowl media spin is something that is hard to get away from since the build up is two weeks.

When getting ready for Superbowl odds it is also important to respect the fact that the Superbowl odds makers not only know what the general gambling public knows but they also know what the public is likely to do with this information. The Superbowl odds makers are master manipulators of the betting line. The Superbowl odds makers will over-charge the public for the side that they want and deprive them of value as a result.

Ultimately when looking at Superbowl odds a gambler should be looking to lay fewer points than he actually should on favorites and take more points than he should get with dogs. The same principle applies to over/under totals in Superbowl odds. A gambler should never take less than added value in Superbowl odds. This applies to Super Bowl props as well. You don’t want to be betting props just because they look good. You want value with all of your Superbowl odds. From sides, totals, parlays, teasers and Super Bowl props to the money line. You want value with all of your wagers for the Super Bowl.

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