Steelers Run Away with Game Over Texans

October 23, 2014 NFL Football

Texans player with football running away from Saints playerThis past Monday night, the Houston Texans now 3-4 (2nd AFC South) struggled to stay afloat against the Pittsburgh Steelers now 4-3 (2nd AFC North), as the Steelers overwhelmed the Texans. Let’s take a look at how it all went down.

The stats of the game were closer than the score as the Texans had 20 first downs on 63 plays for 393 total yards, with 261 passing and 132 rushing, with 1 interception and 2 costly fumbles. The Offensive leaders for the Texans were; QB Fitzpatrick, who completed 21 of 32, passes for 262 yards, with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. RB’s Foster and Fitzpatrick combined for 25 carries and 118 yards. Receivers Hopkins & Johnson had 11 receptions for combined 185 yards and no touchdowns.

The Steelers on the other side had 18 first downs on 62 plays for 328 total yards, with 252 passing and 76 rushing with 1 fumble lost. Team leaders for Pittsburgh were; QB Roethlisberger who completed 23 of 33 passes for 260 yards and 2 touchdowns. RB’s Bell & Blount had 19 carries for a combined 66 yards, while receivers Brown & Bell had a combine 17 receptions for 178 yards with Bell scoring a TD.

The Steelers, who have played good one week, and lousy the next, were both in this game, but were able to take advantage of the Texans mistakes and win the game 30-23.

The Texans had a disastrous 2nd quarter, after leading 10-0, from which they could not regroup, with too many turnovers. Their RB Foster fumbled deep in his own territory, just two plays after the Steelers scored, with the Steelers recovering the fumble. Then on 1st and goal QB Roethlisberger tossed the ball to RB Brown and he threw a TD pass to WR Moore in the end zone as the Steelers to the lead 17-13. Actually the Steelers were scoreless in the first 25 minutes of the game, as Texans QB Fitzpatrick and RB Foster seemed to so whatever they cared to do as Houston took the early 13-0 lead in the game, which at that time seemed insurmountable by Steelers fans. But that all changed, as the first points came with 3 minutes left in the half, as Pittsburgh scored a field goal.

With the Texans disastrous 2nd quarter the game went to half-time with Pittsburgh in the lead 24-13. Neither team scored in the 2nd quarter, with the Texans scoring 10 points in the 4th, while the Steelers scored 6, thus winning the game 30-23. The Steelers RB Bell became the 1st Steelers player in history to start a season with 7 straight 100 yards rushing.

For those that bet on NFL football at a sportbook, let it be known that the Steelers 4-3 at home play the Indianapolis Colts 5-2 (1st AFC South) on Sunday the 2 of Nov.2014. The Houston Texans 3-4 play at the Tennessee Titans 2-5 (3rd AFC South) this Sunday Oct. 26th 2014.

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