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NFL Superbowl Odds and Football Betting Lines

NFL odds especially Super Bowl odds, are the most popular of all forms football odds. NFL odds are the most popular on point-spread sides. This is also known as the betting spread, or the line. Gamblers have a choice of taking the favorite at minus points or the dog at plus points in football lines.

Also available on all NFL games and many college games are Over/under football odds, also known as totals. That is where you are wagering on whether or not the combined score between two teams will go over or under the football lines.

For gamblers that don’t like pointspreads but believe that they can pick winners straight up, then money line football betting lines are great options. Instead of laying or taking points with football betting odds, a gambler can either lay NFL betting odds on the favorite or take NFL football lines on the dog.

Gamblers can also choose to bet parlays. A parlay is a group of plays ranging from two to ten that are merged into a single wager in which all of the plays must win for the bet to win versus the football lines.

Teaser wagering is similar to parlays with the difference being you get points added to your wager. For example, a team that was a +4 point underdog on the regular and parlay line is a +10 dog on the 6-point teaser line. The trade off is that teasers payoff at lesser football odds than parlays.

Another popular option with NFL lines is “Futures” where you bet on a team to win the Super Bowl, division, season wins, etc. These are NFL betting lines that gamblers like to look at before the season begins but are also available throughout the year.

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