New England Rises to the Top of NFL Power Rankings

October 10th, 2019 NFL Football

The NFL is finally starting to quiet back down and get used to idea that Tom Brady has indeed returned. The fans know it, the sportsbooks know it, and the rest of the NFL is well aware. With Brady back under center the New England Patriots have risen to the top of the NFL Power Rankings. But their ranking is well deserved. Through the first four weeks of the season the Patriots ranked near the top of the NFL in every statistic worth mentioning.

Passing Game

The one aspect of this team that could’ve improved was their passing game, and with their future Hall of Famer back on the field, there’s little doubt it won’t be improving in these upcoming weeks. In his first game back under center, Brady completely ripped apart the Cleveland Browns’ secondary. They may be the Browns but Brady’s demeanor has an undeniable zealous presence that will certainly torment the Patriots future opponents. There’s no use denying it, with Brady back, the Patriots are the team most worth your bet on NFL games.

Week 6 – Sunday October 16th

New England Patriots -9 (-105) 47 (-110)
Cincinnati Bengals +9 (-115) 47 (-110)

The sportsbooks have spoken and just like fans would expect, they’ve decided to favor New England in this Sunday’s contest. But do the odds favor New England because of how dominant the Pats have been? Or because of the huge disappointment that is the Bengals 2016 season? Frankly, it could be a little of both. So far this year, Cincinnati’s passing game is the only aspect of this team worth complimenting. Right now the Bengals passing offense ranks as the 5th best in the NFL.

Defensive Game

But every other aspect of their offense ranks near the bottom of the league, and the same can be said about their defense. Having a team whose sole strength is the passing game means that your team is one-dimensional. One-dimensional teams don’t often find success in the NFL, evident by the Bengals 2-3 record. New England may have the 18th worst pass defense in the league, but it’s hard to imagine Andy Dalton actually outscoring Brady.

There’s no beating around the bush, the Patriots are more than likely to win this Sunday. So let’s change gears here for a second and talk about New England’s legacy. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have enjoyed more success than any other head coach and quarterback duo in the history of the NFL. However, because of the spygate and deflategate controversies, their success will always be tarnished in the public image. The sportsbooks may be indifferent, but NFL fans – specifically non-Patriot fans – always become livid when the Patriots’ cheating history is brought up.

Whether New England’s antics resulted in any actual advantages is debatable, but there’s no use denying that the Patriots are one of the most hated teams in the entire NFL. Even The Simpsons made a skit to let the New England know how the entire nation feels about their success. Frankly no matter how many Super Bowls they win, this team will go down in history as cheaters.

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