Bet on the Broncos or Packers This Weekend?

February 11th, 2020 NFL Football

It is a pretty straightforward question when seeking your NFL Picks for this Division Round. The two favorites on both matches this weekend are the Broncos and the Packers, both teams play at home, both are in a quest to reach the Super Bowl.

However, both will face some formidable opponents. The Broncos will Host the Indiana Colts and the Packers will host the Dallas Cowboys. The underdogs for both teams pose a real threat of an upset for both teams.

Packers Over Cowboys

The Packers at Lambeau Field might have the best possible scenario to take on the Cowboys who are so much better than in previous years. But just how good are the Cowboys?

Even though that it is almost an overall consensus by writers and experts that the Packers will win this game, there is a slight hint of expectancy that the Cowboys can pull the W away from Rodgers and the Packers. If you are checking the different NFL picks that are on the web you might be even feel tempted to lay some money on the Cowboys, and it is perfectly understandable.

However, don’t. The Packers will win this game, even if it is by a single point margin. They will win.

Colts Over Broncos… Maybe?

The Broncos started the season at full steam, and Manning was hitting the mark left and right, breaking a record along the way. Their early season had the narrative of a revenge movie almost, and for a while they had us going.

But suddenly they began to lose some steam and Manning was not showing signs of playing good football. The Colts had a year that had a couple of stumbles, but Andrew Luck made the case that he is one of the best QBs in the game, and with the way things are looking from recent games, they are the underdog we believe has the best chance of advancing to the AFC Championship. The NFL Picks might tend to go for the favorite, but we are going for the Colts on this one.

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