Aaron Rodgers MVP, Bruce Arians Coach of the Year

February 2, 2015 NFL Football

football cheerleaderAs we watched Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday, the 1st of February, 2015, if you bet on NFL football at an online sportsbook, it may be interesting for you to know that on Saturday night the 31st of January 2015 the NFL made the announcements of the 2014 MVP and the Coach of the Year award winners.

The MVP for the 2nd time is none other than Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and the Coach of the Year award went to Arizona Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians.

The MVP Rodgers won the NFL award as he received 31 votes as the 2nd place finisher was Texans Defensive Player JJ. Watt who received 13 votes in the awards election. The Packer’s Rodgers did not have the large number in this MVP selection as he did in his MVP 1st time win of the award. He is only the 9th NFL player to win multiple MVP awards.

QB Aaron Rodgers is winning this 2014 MVP award in Phoenix on Saturday night was most probably rewarded this year for a NFL season when he seldom threw the ball to the opponents of an interception. He turned 31 in 2014 and led the NFL in the TD-to Interception ratio with 38 touchdowns and 5 interceptions during the NFL regular season 2014, and additionally was 2nd at 112.2 in the passer rating, then 3rd at 8.43 in yards per pass attempt, and 3rd at 58 for touchdowns. In those 4 categories he was the only NFL QB to finish in the top 3 of the top 4. His ration of touchdowns to Interceptions set the 5th best single season mark in NFL history. He was 2nd for quarterbacks with a minimum of 30 touchdowns that trailed the Patriots QB Brady’s 2010 season when he had 36 touchdowns with only 4 interceptions.

The Packers QB Rodgers finished their final game of the regular season, half of the 2014 season and the playoff games with a left calf muscle torn which certainly affected his mobility in those games. His first word of MVP came in the final game of their regular season in Green Bay when they played the Lions at Lambeau and the fans started chanting MVP, MVP.

As Rodgers became the ninth multiple MVP winner he joined his former team mate Packer Brett Favre who is a 3 time MVP winner. In the voting for this year’s NFL MVP Rodgers accumulated 31 of the 50 available votes from a panel on national media associates who cover the NFL leagues regularly each season.

In addition at this award dinner, J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans was the Defensive player of the year and got 13 votes in the NFL MVP Awards voting. The Offensive player of the year was awarded to Demarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys who got 2 votes in the 2014 NFL MVP awards voting, and the others in the voting were QB Romo of the Cowboys with 2 votes, and QB Brady of the Patriots with one voted and Seahawks linebacker Wagner with 1 vote.

The NFL 2014 Coach of the Year as mention earlier in this article was Arizona Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians who received the award for the 2nd time in 3 years and both times with different NFL franchises. At Arizona in 2014 he was 11-5 even as his team struggled with player injuries that included their 2 top quarterbacks. They were still able to achieve a Wild-card spot with the Panthers, and lost to them in the playoff game.

Back in 2012 he had to take over the Head coaching position with the Indianapolis Colts as their coach Pagano became ill, the Arians let the Colts to the playoffs as he became the 1st coach of interim status to win the Coach of the year award, which began back in 1957. In the voting Coach Arians accumulated 39 ½ votes, while Texan’s Obrien had 3 votes as did Cowboys Garrett, then Seattle’s Carroll had 2 votes and Caldwell of Detroit and Belichick of the Patriots.

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