Wagering on College Football Odds

College football odds are only behind NFL odds as far as popularity with gamblers.

There are profound differences though between pro and college football odds however, which makes for entirely different handicapping challenges. Let’s look today at college football lines in particular. College football odds will have almost four times as many games than pro football and most of these games are rather obscure in comparison to the NFL. With this difference comes the better opportunity for those who bet college football odds to find hidden diamonds in the rough and better values that simply are not available in pro football gambling, because there is actually too much information available in the pro game.

Gamblers that succeed versus college football odds do not bet on the power home favorites very often but instead focus on the lesser known teams and games where you can still, even in this Internet age, uncover hidden treasures that can often run several weeks unnoticed. One of the traps that many gamblers fall into when they bet college football lines is that they try and do too much. You will find that trying to handicap every single game on the college football odds board will end up confusing you and you will find that all of the information, trends, and statistics will end up in a blur.

One of the keys, therefore, when you bet college football odds is to devise a methodology in which you can quickly ascertain value in college football odds without a lot of extensive and time consuming work. Along those same lines it is better to use a macro rather than micro approach when you bet college football odds. The less work that you do; and the more that you focus on the big picture, the better decisions that you will make when betting college football lines.

The great irony of those who succeed at betting college football odds is that they sometimes do the least amount of work. College football lines provide a lot of chances to make money but only if you don’t get overwhelmed with everything on the college football odds board.

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